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The French Revolution

What year did the French Revolution begin? 1789
What ideas contributed to the French Revolution? the Enlightenment Period
What 3 things led to the French Revolution? 1. Financial Crisis. 2. Lavish spending of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. 3. No equality in estate system.
Who made up the 1st estate? the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church
Who made up the 2nd estate? the rich nobles
Who were the Bourgeosie of the 1st Third estate? bankers, factory owners, merchants, professionals & skilled laborers
What jobs did the city workers of the 2nd Third estate have? laborers, domestic servants & appretices
What percent did the 3rd Third Estate group represent of France's 26 million people? 80%
Who paid the most taxes? The Third Estate Group
What group was the peasants? the 3rd Third estate group
What group were the commoners in? The Third estate group
What is absolute monarchy? unlimited power
Who did King Louis XVI call for to raise taxes? the estates general
What was Versailles? the palace of the king located 12 miles from Paris
What did the Third Estate form at the tennis courts? a national assembly
What did the third estate vow at the tennis courts? they vowed to not leave until a constitution was written
What was the Bastille? a prison
Why did the rioters seize the Bastille? for weapons and gunpowder
What date is Bastille Day? July 14
Where did the slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" come from? the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
What was the Great Fear? a wave of panic fueled by rumors of nobles hiring outlaws to kill peasants
Why did 7,000 women march to Versailles? to demand bread
Define, secular. without religion
define, radical. a far-reaching or fundamental change
What were the radicals who supported Robespierre called? Jacobins
What was the Reign of Terror? the period when so many people were killed by the guillotine
How did King Louis XVI commit treason? he tried to escape from France and head to Austria
Did Robespierre make sure everyone accused of a crime had a fair trial? No
What final event happened to Robespierre? guillotine
Who quickly rose to power after being appointed the General to command the French Army? Napoleon
What did Napoleon assume power as? a dictator
What was Napoleon called after he took over control of French government? Emperor
Where was Napoleon banished to? the island of Elba
Created by: masonteach
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