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November in History

1558 - this British queen takes the throne and holds it for 45 years Queen Elizabeth I
1718 - this "colorful" pirate was killed off the coat of North Carolina Blackbeard
1863 - Abe Lincoln delivered this short speech in Pennsylvania. Gettysburg Address
1867 - this discoverer of radium was born in Poland. Marie Currie
1917 - first wartime use of this armored vehicle tank
1918 - people were still dying worldwide from this disease's epidemic Spanish flu
1929 - this American Admiral completed the first South Pole airplane flight Richard Byrd
1956 - the Soviets put down a rebellion in this Iron Curtain country Hungary
1995 - all-race elections took place in this post-apartheid country South Africa
2000 - she was elected to the U.S. senate, representing New York Hillary Clinton
Created by: Arlinesd75