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Scratch Vocab

loops The computational concept of running the same sequence multiple times
events The computational concept of one thing causing another thing to happen
parallelism The computational concept of making things happen at the same time
control One of ten color coded Scratch blocks. They are colored gold and use to control scripts
broadcast A message that is sent through the Scratch program, activating, receiving scripts
scripts One or more Scratch blocks that connect to form a sequence. Scripts begin with an event block that responds to input. When triggered, additional blocks connected to the event are executed one at a time
presentation mode A display mode for projects to be viewed at an enlarged size. It is accessed by pressing the button on the top left of the Scratch program
bitmap An image that is defined by a two-dimensional array of discrete
vector An image that is defined by a collection of geometric shapes & colors
animation An illusion of continuous motion created by rapid movement with different images
gallery walk A sharing activity in which student put their project out and others can explore it
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