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British Poetry

The Parliament of Fowles Chaucer
The Jew of Malta Marlowe
Holy Sonnet 10 (death be not proud) Donne
Volpone Jonson
Every Man in his humour jonson
to the virgins, to make much of time herrick
to his coy mistress Marvell
lycidas milton
samson agonistes milton
the way of the world congreve
an essay on criticism pope
an essay on man pope
elegy written in a country churchyard gray
she stoops to conquer goldsmith
a red, red rose burns
to a mouse burns
auld lang syne burns
songs of innocence and songs of experience blake
the tyger blake
lines written a few miles above tinturn abbey wordsworth
i wandered lonely as a cloud wordsworth
the world is too much with us wordsworth
kublai khan coleridge
the rime of the ancient mariner coleridge
dejection: an ode coleridge
ode on a grecian urn keats
ode to a nightengale john keats
ode to the west wind shelley
ozymandias shelley
adonais shelley
dover beach arnold
ulysses tennyson
crossing the bar tennyson
in memorium A.H.H. tennyson
my last duchess browning
jabberwocky carroll
the hunting of the snark carroll
god's grandeur hopkins
pied beauty hopkins
when i was one and twenty housman
to an athlete dying young housman
the lake isle of innisfree yeats
sailing to byzantium yeats
leda and the swan yeats
four quartets eliot
gunga din kipling
dulce et decorum est owen
the unknown citizen auden
do not go gentle into that good night thomas
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