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TDA Web design

Arkansas TDA - Technology Design Applications Web design

accessibility The structuring of web content in such a way that is easily accessible to all users, in particular users with disabilities
b2b Business to business. A site is a b2b site when it focuses on selling to other businesses, not to end users.
b2c Business to consumer. A b2c business focuses on selling directly to the consumer or end user.
bandwidth The maximum amount of data that a connection can transfer. Web hosting companies generally limit the allowed bandwidth per account per month.
beta test A phase in software and web development. It usually comes after in-house testing and right before the launch.
blog Short for web log, a blog is a web page that functions almost like a diary or journal, with frequent updates. Blogs typically deal with a specific topic and are often used as marketing or customer service tool alongside the main company web site.
broken link A link that points to a page or resource that does not exist. A broken link produces a “404” error (not found).
content The content of a web site refers to all the text, images, sound, etc. that make up the website, but not the layout elements such as the background or navigation links.
e-commerce A collective name for commercial activity on the Internet. Websites that sell products or services online, requiring a payment gateway and (usually) a shopping cart.
FAQ Used in many websites, a frequently asked questions list is a lot of questions that users often ask. The question is followed by either the answer or a link to the answer.
hit a request for a file on a web server
home page Referring to the very first page that loads on a website when only the domain is entered.
host In order for your website to be visible to the world, it must be “hosted” on a web server. The host is the company that provides the web server.
image map A single image on a web site where one or more area of the image has been turned into a link, as opposed to an image link where the entire image is linked.
index Usually refers to the homepage of a website. The page served if no page is specified.
internal link A link from one page on a domain to another page on the same domain, as opposed to an external link which links to a page on a different domain
IP address Every computer connected to the Internet has an IP or IP address. IP addresses are numerical, consisting of three blocks.
landing page The page where a user enters a web site
layout In web design the layout of a page refers to the way that the different elements on the page is arranged. The position of the logo, navigation bar, page text etc. are all part of the layout of the page.
link Text, image, or area on a website that can be clicked to open a new page.
meta tag An HTML tag that contains meta data specific to the web page. The most common meta tags are the meta description and meta keyword tags.
navigation bar The area of the site that contains the site menu. It consists of links to the most important pages and sections of the site.
optimize refers to the action/process of improving its search engine ranking. A web page can be optimized in term of its download speed or in terms of its ability to generate sales/leads.
ranking A broad term that describes how well a site performs.
redirect occurs when a web page automatically sends users to another web page. There are several ways to redirect visitors and several reasons why you would want to redirect visitors
search engine optimization The act of creating or changing web pages so that their ranking in search engine results pages improve
site map is a page within a web site that offers links to all the pages within that web site
social ads are small advertisements displayed on social media sites
source code all the HTML code, PHP code, JavaScript code etc. that make the site work
sysop Short for "system operator", the name given to a person in charge of setting up, operating or maintaining a computer network or a specific network resource.
tag Used in HTML markup to contain HTML code. The information between HTML tags is displayed on the web site.
thumbnail is a small version of a larger image, usually linked to the larger image
traffic A very broad term that refers to the amount of activity and/or the number of users on a web site.
usability how easily web site visitors can find what they are looking for or accomplish a task such as contacting the company
zine Short for magazine, on the Net it usually refers to an electronic magazine
Created by: karenhaley