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Medical terminology

medical abbreviations for coding

a w/ line overtop before
p w/ line overtop after
B in a circle bilateral
LBP lower back pain
int. rot. internal rotation
ext. rot. external rotation
UE upper extremity
LE lower extremity
STG short term goal
LTG long term goal
Rx prescribed treatment
WNL within normal limits
ROM range of motion
CHI closed head injury
SCI spinal cord injury
abd abduction
adl's activities of daily living
add adduction
AROM active range of motion
aarom active assistive range of motion
DF dorsiflexion
DME durable medical equipment
eval evaluation
Ev eversion
Ext extension
ER external rotation
freq frequency
flex flexion
FWB full weight bearing
Fx fracture
GMT gross muscle test
HEP home exercise program
HP hot pack
HVGS high voltage galvanic stimulation
PWB partial weight bearing
TTWB toe touch weight bearing
TENS transcutaneous elctrical nerve stimulation
mens microcurrent muscular electrical stimulation
nmes nerve muscular electrical stimulation
Created by: yungk3
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