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The Giver Vocab Term

Apprehensive Uneasy or fearful of something that might happen
Nurture To care for and protect or to support and encourage
Awed Filled with or expressing an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, and fear, produced by something grand, sublime, or powerful
Transgession Violation of law or command
Adherence Steady devotion, support, allegiance, or attachment
Chastisement Discipline, especially by corporal punishment
Raraity Something rare, unusual, or uncommon
Bewildered Completely puzzled or ocnfused
Nondescript Of no recognized, definite, or particular type of kind
Gravitate To have a natural tendency or be strongly attracted
relinquish to renounce or surrender
exuberant Effusively and almost uninhibitedly enthusiastic
invariably always without exception
meticulous taking or showing extreme care about minute details
curb to control as with a curb
aptitude innate or aquired capacity for soemthing
precision accuracy
vibrant characterized by perceptible
collective of or characteristic of a group of individuals taken together
capacity power of receiving impressions, knowledge, mental abilty
exempt free from and obligation or liability to which others are subject
unnerving depriving of courage, strength, determination, or confidence
excruciating extremely painful
sucessor a person who follows or replaces another by descent, election, appointment or the like
exhilarate to make cheerful or merry
obsolete no longer in general use
admonition counsel, advice, caution
fleeting passing swiftly
irrational deprived of reason
assimilate to take in and incorporate as one's own
anguish suffering or pain
assuge to make milder or less servere
isolation separation from other persons or things
ominous portending evil or harm
release free from confidement
Carnage the slaughter of a great number of people
ecstasy an overpowering emotion or exaultation
percieve to become aware of
permeate to pass into or through every part of
luminous radiating or reflecting light
efficient capable
rueful feeling showing or expressing sorrow or pity
emphatic strongly expressive
stealthy done, characterized or acting by stealth
sing-song monotonously jingly in rhythm or pattern of pitch
fugitive a person who is fleeing from prosecution
augmented enlarged in size
vigilant keenly watchful and alert to detect danger
diminish to lessen or decrease
lethargy the quality or state of being drowsy and dull



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