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falter to hesitate or be unsure
grit determination and courage
hypocritical pretending to be something your not
muddled mixed up or confused
pandemonium DISORDER
reassess to rethink or revise something
regally in a way like a king
siege to take over or attack
soothingly in a way that calms you down
primly precise and proper
complacent pleased with what u have achieved
dumbfounded amazed and you can"t believe it!!!!!!
foundling an infant who has been abandoned
garish wery brightly colered; unpleasant to look at
ominously felling like something bad is going to happen
prescribed givin to or reccommended
regicide the killing of a king
speculation a good guess of what is going to happen
tyrant a person who is mean and orders others around
vile really bad
conspiring to plan something illegal or bad secretly
flank the side of an animal: piece of meat
intently to be determined or focused on something
leaden heavy; hard to lift
piteously smpathy to feel bad for someone who is suffering guilty
proccession a line of people
relentlessly without stopping
solemn very serious
sporadically happen often but not regularly
traitorous someone who is not loyal;someone who betrayed another
Created by: smohammadi