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Chitty Chitty

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flys Again

(first sentence in story) Most cars are just _______________ A. Junk B. Cars C. Fun D. Fast B. Cars page 1
What is the families last name? Tooting 1
When did Lucy start wearing black? A. Christmas B. Thanksgiving C. 4th of July D. Her birthday A. Christmas 2
Little Harry hated being strapped into his bicycle seat. T or F False. He hated the car seat 2
What color did Lucy paint the bookcase in her room? A. Red B. Brown C. Blue D. Black D. Black 5
What colors depress Lucy? Pastel colors 5
Name one city that has been lost. El Dorado, Camelot, Troy, Atlantis, Xanadu Any of these answers 6
How did the dad win the wall map? By being punctual 5
When the dad loses his job he says the family can go anywhere they want. Where does the mom choose to go? Paris 5
Why did Lucy’s skull lamp melt? Their dad put a more powerful bulb in it 11
Their dad made a self-opening door that said __________. A. Welcome B. Do come in C. Hi there D. Come right in B. Do come in 16
The self-opening door invited in masses of ____________. A. Cats B. Baseball players C. Joggers D. Painters C. Joggers 17
How many windows did the 1966 camper van have? Twenty-three 19
What company did Mum work for? Unbeatable Motoring Bargains 19
Created by: brodys