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Chapter 16 Terms

Operating System

PAN Consists of personal devices communicating at close range such as a cell phone and notebook computer
LAN covers a small local area such as a home or office
WLAN like a LAN but wireless
MAN covers a large area like a campus or a city
WAN covers a large geographical area and is made up of many smaller networks
Mesh Network a computer or other device connected to a network
Ad Hoc Mode each wireless device serves as there own wireless access point
Fully Connected Mesh Topology when each node connects to every node on the network
Ring Network nodes from a ring
Bus Network a really old topology and where all computers are connected in a sequential line
Star Network uses a centralized device to manage traffic on the network
Hybrid Network when a star network uses multiple switches in sequence
ISP a company that provides you with internet
Bandwidth the number of bits that can be transmitted over a network at a time
Data Throughput the average of the actual speed
Latency delays in network transmissions
ISDN an outdated business use access to an isp over dial up phone lines
Cable Internet a broadband technology that uses cable tv lines
DSL a group of broadband technologies that covers a wide range of speeds
Line Of Sight Connectivity a disadvantage of of satellite
Fiber Optic a broadband technology
Fiber Optic Cable Televisions,internet data, and voice communications all share the same broadband cable
Cellular Network consists of cells and is used for mobile phones to communicate
GSM open standard that uses digital communication of data and is accepted and used worldwide
SIM card that contains a microchip that holds data and is accepted and used worldwide
CDMA cdma networks do not require a sim card and have been growing in popularity over the years
4G the fastest cellular network
Network Adapter a way to make a direct connection to a local wired network
NIC gives the ability to use a network adapter
Full Duplex sends and receives transmissions at the same time
Half Duplex works in only one direction at the same time
POE a feature that might be available on high end wired network adapters
RJ-11 Jacks modem cards in a desktop computer
Twisted Pair Cabeling uses pair of wires to reduce crosstalk
Hub transmits frames of data to every device
Switch is smarter and more efficient than a hub
Bridge a device that stands between two segments of a network and manages network traffic
NAS provides 4 bays and a hard drive
VoIP manages voice communication over the internet
VoIP Phone connects directly to a network by way of ethernet
Internet Appliance a type of thin client that is designed to make it easy for a user to connect to the iternet
BNC Connector a coaxial cable uses this
UTP used to make ethernet cords
STP shielded twisted pair
Cat-3 less expensive
CAT-5 more popular than cat-3
Enhanced CAT-5 more advanced than cat 5
CAT-6 has less crosstalk
CAT-6a thicker than CAT-6
Coaxial Cable has a single copper wire down the middle
RG-6 Coaxial Cable is used for cable Tv
RG-59 Coaxial Cable once used for cable Tv
F Connector used for a RG-6 cable
Fiber Optic Cable transmits signals as pulses of light over glass or plastic strands
ST Connectors an older connector model
SC Connectors an older connector model
LC Connector local connector
MT-RJ Connector mechanical transfer registered jack
!00BaseT improved version of ethernet
Fast Etehrnet Improved version of ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet the most popular choice for LAN technology
Loopback Plug used to test a network connection
Cable Tester used to test a cable
Network Multimeter can be used to test cables
Toner Probe used to find cables in walls
Tone Probe also called a toner probe
Wire Stripper used to build your own netwrok cable
Crimper used to secure cable in end piece
Punch Down Tool impact tool
Keystone -RJ-45 Jack used in wall jacks
Straight Through Cable used to connect a computer to a network
Patch Cable also called the straight through cable
Crossover Cable used to connect a computer to a netowork
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