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2r171 cdc

cdc volume 1

What position is filled by a senior noncommissioned officer 2RXXX personnel (scheduler or analyst)? Maintenance operations (MO) superintendent.
Who will ensure the plans, scheduling and documentation (PS&D) aerospace vehicle distribution officer (AVDO) accurately reports all assignment/possession changes through the Lead Command AVDO? Maintenance operations superintendent.
Whose responsibility is it to prioritize the use of shared maintenance resources/facilities? Maintenance operations superintendent.
Who is the central agency for monitoring and developing long-range strategies to sustain the health of the fleet? Maintenance operations.
Which Air Force specialty code (AFSC) is not a criterion for selection of maintenance operations center (MOC) personnel? 2SXXX
Who is usually the highest ranking individual assigned to the maintenance operations center (MOC)? Senior coordinator.
Who monitors the hangar queen program according to AFI 21–101, Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management, Chapter 14 and Lead Command directives? Maintenance operations center (MOC).
What program does the Air Force use to support the information superiority and response time objectives of the United States Air Force (USAF) flying wings? Enhanced Maintenance Operations Center (EMOC).
What section tracks, analyzes, and organizes information to help senior leadership assess the health of the unit’s weapon systems and equipment? Maintenance management analysis (MMA).
What (MO) section coordinates with maintenance management production (MMP), and production leaders to provide monthly airframe, facility and personnel capabilities, attrition, and spare factors for use in planning the annual flying program? Maintenance management analysis (MMA).
What is considered to be both an investigation and in-depth analysis of any subject to determine the root cause of a specific problem? Special study.
How many basic elements make up a special study? 5
Most of the key metrics fall into what two categories? Leading and lagging indicators
What rate provides the percentage of departures that are delayed because of supply, saturation, or maintenance problems? Logistics departure reliability rate.
Who within maintenance management analysis (MMA) is responsible for the use and structural integrity of the Integrated Maintenance Data System-Central Database (IMDS-CDB) database? Database manager (DBM).
What manning tool is used to statistically determine the required # of manpower positions necessary in each (AFSC) to produce a desired number of sorties/flying hours in support of a specific weapons system based on the primary aircraft assigned (PAA)? Logistics Composite Model (LCOM).
What manning tool quantifies the number and type of manpower positions required to carry out the mission based on the predetermined workload factor? Air Force Manpower Standards (AFMS).
What is included on the Unit Manpower Document (UMD)? Air Force specialty code (AFSC).
How many fiscal quarters are reflected on the regular Unit Manpower Document (UMD)? 5
What manning document provides a detailed list by workcenter or functional account code of each unit’s authorizations by position and the name and rank of the actual personnel filling each position? Unit Personnel Manpower Roster (UPMR).
What manning document reflects projected gains, losses, retirements, separations, and permanent change of station (PCS) assignments by month and year? Unit Personnel Manpower Roster (UPMR).
What does a blank in the name column on the Unit Personnel Manpower Roster (UPMR) indicate? No one is filling the position.
How is a mismatch identified on the unit personnel manpower roster (UPMR)? Asterisk.
What is the most important component of upgrade training that involves hands-on, “over-the-shoulder” method of training to certify personnel? On-the-job training
How many months in upgrade training are necessary before upgrade to 5 skill level? 15
What is the minimum rank requirement before upgrade to 7 skill level? Staff Sergeant (SSgt).
What tool is used by the plans, scheduling and documentation (PS&D) section chief to make sure individuals are equitably moved through various duty positions? Personnel rotation plan.
How often should personnel be moved through various duty positions to increase field knowledge and experience? Every 24 months, not to exceed 36 months.
What is the primary two-part document for training which identifies life-cycle education and training requirements within a specific Air Force specialty (AFS)? The Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP).
What application gives supervisors access to virtual training products, such as Career Field Education and Training Plans (CFETP), and Air Force job qualification standards? Training Business Area (TBA)
Who is the approval authority for out-of-cycle or “emergency” requests? Maintenance group commander (MXG/CC).
What is the responsible agency who verifies approved cartridge/propellant actuated devices (CAD/PAD) allocation and any changes that occur throughout the year based on the AFTO 223, Time Change Requirements Forecast, submitted? Munitions operations.
What blocks will plans, scheduling and documentation (PS&D) fill out on the AFTO Form 223, Time Change Requirements Forecast? 1 through 6.
Who is responsible for reviewing AF Form 68, Munitions Authorizations Record, for completeness and accuracy? Munitions accountable systems officer (MASO).
What instruction requires an accurate matrix for time changes and inspections? AFI 21–101, Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management.
What report contains all the individual job standards (JST) loaded in the maintenance information system (MIS)? Job master listing (JML).
What Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS) screen provides the capability to load, change, delete, and inquire all pertinent data required for establishing a job standard (JST)? 466
What Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS) screen provides the capability to inquire the database to obtain information pertaining to job standards (JST)? 469
What Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS) screen is used to obtain a list of master job standards? 760
How often must plans, scheduling and documentation (PS&D) perform a review of the job master listing (JML) and ALL job standards (JST) for accuracy and currency? Semi-annually
What date is the same as the “Ground Date” and is calculated 60 days from rescission date? Remove from service.
Within how many days prior to grounding will (PS&D) brief the maintenance group commander (MXG/CC) on unaccomplished (TCTO)? 60
No later than what date annually are all units required to reconcile rescinded TCTO using a REMIS Master TCTO report before deleting TCTO records from the IMDS or G081? 30 September.
To whom must PS&D activity submit a request to extend the compliance if a unit cannot accomplish the TCTO on all affected aircraft or equipment before the expiration of the compliance period? Program manager through Lead Command.
If a TCTO waiver request is approved, the program manager establishes an extended compliance period and notifies affected units via e-mail or memo.
Who is responsible for the coordination of time compliance technical order (TCTO) kit requirements between supply and maintenance? Supply TCTO kit monitor/materiel control.
Who will provide the kit monitor/material controllers with written certification that time compliance technical order (TCTO) kits ready for disposition are not required and that maintenance concurs with disposal or disassembly? Maintenance group commander (MXG/CC).
When a TCTO is completed, disposition of what will be reported via letter or electronic transmission to the applicable TCTO kit unit in accordance with AFMAN 23–110, Basic USAF Supply Manual? Excess kits.
Most REMIS users access the system using a desktop personal computer via personal Air Force portal accounts.
What system provides a single point of world–wide enterprise level transaction validation, integration and data cleansing across the maintenance enterprise, regardless of input source? REMIS
What Reliability and Maintainability Information System (REMIS) function is designed to monitor and track equipment for approved and actual configurations, as well as, time compliance technical order (TCTO) compliance? GCSAS
Under the Flying Hours Program requirements, what funds are used to procure items that are typically considered the day-to-day expenses for the USAF? Operation and maintenance (O&M) budget.
When considering the Flying Hour Program considerations, what is considered an additional collateral or cost of business sortie? Photo shoot.
Under the operations and maintenance planning cycle, who develops procedures to ensure the intent of the operational planning cycle is met? Lead Commands
When considering the operations and maintenance planning cycle, what is an internal wing document that helps determine budget allocation and sets the blueprint for flying for the upcoming fiscal year? The First Look.
Under the operations and maintenance planning cycle, when does the MOF PS&D request from MMA an airframe capability assessment? 15 March
Under the operations and MX planning cycle, what study is conducted to find or to create a balance to ensure MX resources can sustainably support flying requirements? Maintenance capabilities.
When talking about the operations and maintenance planning cycle, as part of the First Look, what projections help determine if a unit’s workforce is capable of supporting the flying requirements? Personnel capabilities.
Who collects and organizes First Look data into a comprehensive package for presentation to the operations group (OG) and maintenance group (MXG) commanders? Plans, scheduling and documentation (PS&D) and operations support (OS).
What type of maintenance is described as the inspection and correction of defects that require skills, equipment, or facilities not normally possessed by operating locations? Programmed depot maintenance.
What form is the wing AVDO function is responsible for the coordination with PS&D and QA before it is submitted to the System Program Manager (SPM) for approval? AFTO IMT 103, Aircraft/Missile Condition Data.
Under PDM), how many days will the AFTO Form 103 be initiated in advance of the scheduled depot input date to allow for command review, certification, and delivery? 55
Under programmed depot maintenance (PDM), the procedures for submitting supplemental AFTO Forms 103 will be followed according to Technical Order 00–25–4.
Who submits a final monthly flying hour report to the Lead Command for the previous month’s flying hours? Aerospace vehicle utilization monitor (AVUM).
Under the Flying Hours Program auditing and accounting, who sends a daily electronic copy of the MSAT product or the AUR to the AMU debrief section, and ops monitors? Maintenance operations flight (MOF) plans, scheduling and documentation (PS&D).
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