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JAS Local Test 1

JAS Local Test 1 - NESA Iuliano

Korean Belly Bowl is used for? Diarrhea, Head ssx like vertigo/Meniere’s, insomnia/racing thoughts, TMJ/trigeminal neuralgia, counterflow Qi/grounding
Dr. Sawada’s Whole Body Tx points are? CV12, CV6, LI11, TW4, ST36, KD6, GV20, GV12, BL17, BL18, BL20, BL23, BL32, BL52 (bilateral where appropriate)
Shirota’s Chiryo Kisogakyu Total Body Tx is? Okyu on CV12 (x100), GV12 (x3), LI11 & ST36 bilateral (x3)
H/A okyu pts GV20, GV16, GV12, BL10, LI10
Nasal congestion okyu pts GV22, BL10, LI10, HT3
Hemorrhoids okyu pts LU6, BL33, GV2
Catching cold okyu pts BL12, GV12 (x21)
Morning sickness okyu pts TW4, CV12, CV14
Skin diseases okyu pts LI15, LI11, GV12, BL12
Detox okyu pts KD9
Food poisoning okyu pts Uranaitei
GYN problems & LBP okyu pts Kohgi (2 cun above SP6), Eichi (2 points at widest part of malleolus), Roin (directly below malleolus)
LBP/sciatica okyu pts Ohmondo (knee bent, points at ends of knee crease)
Indicators of just enough moxa tx on a pt Skin resilient but not too dry, induration size decreases and skin tension relaxes, pulse & abdomen improve
Indicators of too much moxa tx on a pt Skin is dry w/o resilience, pulse, abdomen and tsubo worsen
General surface indications for locating tsubo Changes in temperature, depressions, moisture, softness/bloating
General subcutaneous indications for locating tsubo Changes in skin thickness, lumps, nodules
General fascia/muscle layer indications for locating tsubo Presence of indurations or hardness
General deeper layer indications for locating tsubo Presence of temperature changes
General precautions/CI for okyu tx 1)Explain procedure to patient 2)Position patient in stable & comfortable position 3)Caution on reduced feeling points 4)NO direct moxa on lumbar or ab regions in pregnancy
What is Goshin & when is it used? Filiform needle, use on moist, soft, resilient skin
What is Sanryoshin & when is it used? 3 edge/bloodlet needle, use on dry, taut skin
What is Teishin & when is it used? Touching needle, sensitive patients or children
What tx should you use for skin that is damp or wet? Moxa (except when sweating b/c of weather or exertion)
Which type of moxa addresses the Qi level Chinetsukyu (direct cone moxa)
Which type of moxa addresses the Blood level Okyu (direct thread moxa) & Kyutoshin (head of needle moxa)
How many okyu does an adult get in a Dr. Hara tx? 7 rice grain threads or cones
How many okyu does a child under 7 get in a Dr. Hara tx? 1 for each year of age or use tiger warmer on pts
What is Dr. Hara tx good for? LBP, pelvic pain, urinary d/o, HTN, diabetes, neuro d/o, heart d/o, arthritis, chronic d/o, pain, immune d/o
What pts receive moxa first in a Dr. Hara tx? ST36 bilateral
How many sacrum pts receive moxa in a Dr. Hara tx? 8
Where are points 1 & 4 in Dr. Hara’s tx? Tip of the iliac crests
Where are points 2 & 3 in Dr. Hara’s tx? Between 1 & 4
Where are points 5 & 6 in Dr. Hara’s tx? Directly under points 2 & 3 on the triangle formed between points 1, 4 & the tip of the coccyx
Where are points 7 & 8 in Dr. Hara’s tx? Midway between points 2 & 5 and points 3 & 6
What is Dr. Tanaka’s tx good for? Back pain or spasm, inguinal/pelvic pain, induction of labor, infertility, lower limb neuropathy or difficulty walking
In Dr. Tanaka’s tx, where is point 0? 3 fingers width superior to bottom line (surface patient is sitting on) around GV2
In Dr. Tanaka’s tx, where are points A? 3 fingers width lateral to both sides of point 0
In Dr. Tanaka’s tx, where are points B? 2 fingers width superior to points A
In Dr. Tanaka’s tx, how many moxa are used? 3 half-rice grain size okyu
Created by: clehmann