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Vocabulary 11

French Vocabulry 11

faire semblant make-believe, pretend
auprès nearby, next to
pourboire gratuity, tip, service charge
assurait was assuring, was insuring, was securing (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of assurer)
apparaître to appear, perform, emerge, occur, erupt
occasion opportunity, occasion, occurrence, bargain, motive
folle noun: madwoman, nutcase, looney; adj: crazy, manic
écoula shifted, passed, sold (3rd pers. sing. simple past of écouler)
cornet horn, cone, cornet
un cornet de crème glacée an ice cream cone
boule ball, chunk, lump
paresseuse adj: lazy; noun: idler, layabout
projetée adj: projected, proposed
trahit betrays (3rd pers. sing. present of trahir)
hâtivement hastily, hurriedly
ensorcelé adj: under a spell; verb: bewitched, enraptured, enchanted (past participle of ensorceler)
briser to break, shatter, smash
surveillent watch, monitor, oversee, control, govern ( 3rd pers. plural present of surveiller)
vêtu adj: clothed, dressed; verb: dressed, clothed, robed, attired (past participle of vêtir)
peu importe regardless, whatever, no matter
importe verb: matter, import (1st pers. present of importer)
plaisance noun: sailing, boating
étalage noun: showcase, display, stand, stall; verb: display (1st pers. present of étalager)
vitrine showcase, shop window, display case
déchira tore, ripped, unleashed, rended, gashed, (3rd pers. sing. simple past of déchirer)
amener to bring,mfetch, take, take along
sucreries sweets
glaçage frosting, icing, glazing, gloss finish
suçons noun: lollipops, hickeys; verb: suck, blow (1st pers. plural present of sucer)
bâtonnets short sticks
rangées rows
ordonné orderly, inline, ordained, tidy
commis clerk, assistant
plongeant diving, plunging, dipping (present participle of plonger)
lève-tôt early riser, early bird
ravissant adj: charming, delightful, dreamy; verb: delighting, plundering, kidnapping, robbing, ravishing (present participle of ravir)
carnet book, notebook
muette mute, speechless, voiceless
demeurer to stay, remain, live, reside, dwell
arracher to snatch, pull, wrest, wrench, eradicate
écarquiller to widen, open wide
gré noun: will, willingness
tromper to fool, lie, beguile, deceive
timbre noun: stamp, bell. patch, tone, postmark; verb: postmark (1st pers. present of timbrer)
râpé noun: grated cheese; adj: threadbare, worn
mijoté stew
c'est tout that's all
congé holiday, time off
déroutant adj: baffling, confusing, disorienting; verb: obfuscating, bewildering, leading astray (present part. of dérouter)
salua greeted, hailed (3rd pers. sing. simple padt of saluer)
rougissant adj: blushing; verb: reddening, blushing, coloring, flushing ( present participle of rougir)
inattendue unexpected, unanticipated
étincelle noun: spark; verb: glint, sparkle (1st pers., present of étinceller)
dépassant adv: in excess of; verb: exceeding, transferring, overtaking, outstripping , overshooting (present participle of dépasser)
étouffe choke, muffle, deaden, smother, blanket (1st pers. present of étouffer)
avaler to swallow, gulp, swill down
bûche noun: log, chunk of wood; verb: cram, pore, plug away (1st pers. present of bûcher)
mensonger false, deceitful, untruthful
inonder to flood, inundate, overflow, douse
passent spend, pass, place, transfer (3rd pers. plural present of passer)
parait was decorating, was adorning, was evading, was parrying (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of parer)
craindre to fear, dread
énerve annoy, mull, chafe, rile, enervate (1st pers. present of énerver)
agace annoy, provoke, irritate (1st pers. present of agacer)
convient agrees, suits, coincides (3rd ers. sing. present of convenir)
pencher lto stoop, slant, cant, ean
endormir to drug, put down, put to sleep
échéant applicable
atterrir to land, touch down, alight
dégivrer to defrost
détourner to divert, highjack, circumvent, deflect
artifice trickery, wile, subterfuge
le réveillon Eve (Christmas or New Years)
joyeux adj: merry, happy, gay, joyful
récré break, recess
cahier notebook, exercise book, register
paresseux adj: lazy, sluggish, slothful; noun: sloth, idler, layabout
chômage unemployment
métier occupation, craft
payé adj: paid, verb: paid, remitted (past participle of payer)
infirmiér male nurse, nursing orderly
boum boom, bang
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