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Vocabulary 10

French Vocabulary 10

extrait noun: extract, fragment, excerpt;
trou hole, gap, opeming, socket
rebord edge, rim, margin, shelf, ledge
fumait was smoking, curing, fertilizing, or fumigating (3rd person. sing. continuous past of fumer)
voisinage neighborhood, proximity, vicinity
impliqué involved
décrocha unhooked, unhitched, took down (3rd pers. sing. simple past of décrocher)
enjouée lighthearted
fumant adj: steaming hot, smoldering; verb: smoking, curing, fertilizing, fumigating (present participle of fumer)
balança swung, rocked, swayed, jiggled (3rd pers. sing. simple past of balançer)
éteint adj: faded: verb: switched off, turned off, extinguished ((3rd pers. sing. present of éteindre)
jardinait was gardening, selecting, culling (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of jardiner)
frisé curly, curly-haired
à la mode fashionable
bouilloire kettle
bouillant adj: hot, boiling, simmering; verb: boiling (present participle of bouillir)
sifflait was whistling, wheezing, hissing (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of siffler)
veuille want, wish (1st pers. present of vouloir)
marche noun: step, walk, course, running; verb: walk, run, march, tread (1st pers. present of marcher)
accolade hug, brace, accolade
connaitre to know, be acquainted with
au fil des ans over the years
ralluma relit, reignited (3rd pers. sing. simple past of rallumer)
eloigna withdrew, moved away, put aside (3rd pers. sing. simole past of éloigner)
éloigné adj: faraway
cognement knocking
sourd deaf, muffled, dull
foncée dark, dark-colored
provenant coming, resulting, originating (present participle of provenir)
tout près very close by, very near
creusait was digging, escavating, trenching, burrowing (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of creuser)
pelle shovel, blade, spade, French kiss
rendre to make, mgive, return, render, yield, spew, cede
revient returns, reneges, comes back (3rd person sing. present of revienir)
redresses straighten, correct, righten (2cd pers. inf. present of redresser)
jappement yelp, yap, yelping (noun)
bâillait was yawning (3rd person sing. past continuous of bâiller)
amollissait was softening, was weakening (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of amollir)
réveille wake up, waken, arouse (1st pers. present of réveiller)
pencha bent, stooped, canted, slanted (3rd pers. sing simple past of pencher)
outil tool, facility, implement
il osa he dared
déterrer to dig up, escavate, disinter, unearth
voix basse low voice
voyagerait would travel, would journey (3rd pers. sing. conditional present of voyager)
repos rest, silence, composure, calmness
souvenait was remembering, recollecting (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of souvenir)
par contre however, on the other hand
bagarre noun: fight, brawl, scrap; verb: scrap, fight (1st pers. present og bagarrer)
enterrait was burying, shelving (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of enterrer)
répliquer to reply, replicate, counter, answer back
pressentiment feeling, premonition, hunch, foreboding
mauvais bad, wrong, evil, ugly
éveillé awake
brise noun: air, breeze; verb: break, shatter, smash, wreck (1st pers. present of briser)
chambre à coucher bedroom
coup noun: hit, blow, shot, stroke, stunt, clout
grandir to grow up, overstate, grow bigget
conte noun: story, tale, fable; verb: relate (1st pers. present of conter)
animé lively, animated, spirited, busy, manic
étirait was pulling, was stretching (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of étirer)
natal native
doté equipped, with
tenue rule, stage, platform, attire, reign
maquillage makeup
tiraient were shooting, were drawing, were firing, were pulling, were hauling, were lugging (3rd pers. plural past continuous of tirer)
tirent shoot, etc. (3rd pers. okural present of tirer)
dedans inside
là dedans in there
piqua stung, pinched, filched, quilted (3rd pers. sing. simple past of piquer)
quelque part somewhere, anywhere
suis-moi follow me
clin d'oeil wink
au dessus above, over
pardessus top coat, overcoat
tiroir drawer
coffre noun: safe, bin, trunk chest; verb: nick (1st pers. present of coffrer)
pied foot, plant, guard rail
le coup de foudre love at first sight
foudre lightning, ire, thunderbolt
fixement adv:,fixedly
chavirer to capsize, overturn
poitrine chest (human), bosom, breast, bust
étira stretched, pulled, drawn out (3rd pers. sing. simple past of étirer)
sans aucun avis without notice
étendant extending, expanding, smearing, stretching (present oarticiple of étendre)
quelque peu somewhat, rather, a little
glissa slipped, dragged, slid., glided (3rd pers. sing. simple past of glisser)
éloignait was moving away (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of éloigner)
s'éloigne departs
étang pond
étendu adj: expanded, wide, enhanced, vast; verb: expanded, stretched, smeared (past participle of étendre)
piste noun: track, course, trail, runway; verb: track (1st pers. present of pister)
apportait was bringing, was fetching, was conveying (3 rd pers. sing. past continuous of apporter)
divertissement entertainment, amusement, fun
chiot puppy
laisse noun: leash; verb: leave, let (1st pers. present of laisser)
paresseusement lazily, idly
rigola laughed (3rd pers. sing. simple past of rigoler)
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