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Necklace and Path

Brenham Eng 1 The Necklace and A Worn Path Review

Why did Mr. Loisel expect his wife to be happy to receive the invitation? They rarely went out and she liked fancy parties.
What was Mathilde's reaction when she read the invitation? She was annoyed because she didn't have anything to wear.
What was Mr. Loisel saving his 400 francs for? a gun
How would you describe Mathilde? poor
Why is Mr. Loisel not upset about not having fancy things? He is a very frugal man.
What does Mathilde often dream about? Being rich and stylish.
Mathilde is often unhappy because she is poor and wants to be rich.
What does Mr. Loisel suggest Mathilde wear instead of jewelry? Flowers
What does Mathilde borrow from her friend Madame Forestier? a diamond necklace
How does Mathilde feel when she returns from visiting her rich friend? depressed
At the party Mathilde has a _______ time. wonderful
Mathilde was in a hurry to leave the ball because she was embarrassed about her shabby coat.
After a week had passed and the necklace still was not found, Mathilde wrote a letter to her friend telling her that the necklace was being _____. repaired
A new necklace, identical to the one that was lost, cost _____. 36,000 francs
When Mathilde returns the necklace, Madame Forestier says ________. she might have needed it sooner
Mathilde helps to repay the loans by renting a smaller apartment, firing the maid, and doing her own housework.
It took the Loisels _____ years to repay all of the loans. 10
The irony of the story is that the necklace that Mathilde borrowed was made of ______. glass
"The Necklace" is told from a _______ point of view. narrators
The mood of the story is _____. gloom and nervousness
We can conclude that Mathilde is the kind of person who_____. pretends to be someone she is not
The theme of the story can best be described as ______. appearances are deceiving
"A Worn Path" is about ________. an old woman who walks a long distance to town to run an errand
The story is set in _______. rural Mississippi
Phoenix is notable for her _____. strength
Phoenix feels guilty after having _____ the hunters nickle. stolen
Phoenix is referred to as "charity" because she _____. does not have the money to pay for the medicine
Phoenix plans to buy her grandson a _____ with the two nickels she receives. toy
Phoenix can be described as an ___________ person. optimistic and hopeful
Phoenix uses her __________ during her interaction with the hunter. cunning and resolve
The reader thinks that Phoenix's grandson is still alive because _____. she describes him in vivid detail
The reader thinks that Phoenix's grandson is dead because _____. she takes a long time to respond to the nurse's question
"A Worn Path" represents the focus of the story by ______. emphasizing Phoenix's sense of purpose and resolve
The nurse describes Phoenix's grandson as an obstinate case because _____. his throat will never get better
Phoenix scares herself when she _____. sees the scarecrow in the cornfield
Phoenix imagines that she sees a little boy bringing her _____. a slice of marble cake
The title signifies ________. the path that Phoenix walks over on her way to town
When the hunter sics his dog on the big black dog, Phoenix slyly ______, and makes a comment about God watching her steal. picks up a nickle that the hunter drops out of his pocket
The hunter points the gun directly at Phoenix, but _____. she is not afraid
When Phoenix reaches the city, she sees the Christmas lights and ______. a woman carrying wrapped packages
Phoenix asks a lady to tie her shoes, so the lady _______. puts down her packages and ties the shoes
When Phoenix reaches the doctor's office, the attendant sees her and says ________. charity case
When the nurse asks Phoenix about her grandson, Phoenix _______. remembers why she came in to town
An allegory teaches a ______ lesson. moral
Phoenix is reborn by giving up a part of _____ for her grandson. her self
Phoenix makes the trip into Natchez every _____ month to get the medicine. month
"A Worn Path" can be described as a ______ an a ______. allegory/allusion
A phoenix is a bird with powerful _______. healing abilities
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