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Vocabulary 5

French Vocabulary 5

parrainer to sponsor, support, godfather
vainqueur winner, victor
parcours politique political career
parcours route, way, course, path, career, record, journey
destitué removed, displaced, deposed, discharged
alors so, then, now then, at that time
lors then, for, while, during
lorsque when, by the time
dès que as soon as
puisque because, since
dès from, since, upon
dés dice
autant que as far as, as much as, as many as
autant as much, so much, all the, such
pourtant however
presque almost, nearly, just about
parfois occasionally, sometimes, art times
fois time
à peu près nearly, just about, more or less
faire valoir assert, represent, enforce, show off
d'une pierre deux coups Idiom - two birds with one stone
déballer to unpack, pour out
gambader to frolick, cavort, gambol
alors que whereas, while, even though, when
alentours surroundings, neughborhoods
remarquer to notice, alight, find by chance
balayeur sweeper
estomper to blur, smear, fade, dim
en provenance from
provenance origin, source
brume mist, haze, fog
légère slight, light, thin, airy
sentier en pierres stone path
pierres stones
sentir to feel, sense, reek
sentier trail, path, footway
mener to lead, conduct
défraîchie shabby, soily, faded
asseyant (inf: asseoir) sitting down, seating
peignaient were painting, were combing (3rd person pl)
rosée dew
profita took advantage of, profited
sursauta jumped, rose, stood up, got up
revenu noun: income; adj: returned; verb: came back, hot back, came again
déverrouillant ( inf: déverrouiller ) unlocking, unbolting
laiton brass
facteur postman, factor, wherefore
colis package, parcel, luggage, baggage
emballé verb: packed, wrapped; adj: runaway
ficelle twine, string, thread
attaché adj: attached, devoted, fastened, selfless; verb: tied
plaça (inf: placer) placed, set, located, laid (3rd person simple past)
scruta (inf: scruter) peered, examined, scrutinized (3rd person simple past)
avait de être had to be
restait introuvable was remaining unfound
restait was staying, was remaining
livrer to deliver, furnish, give away, denounce, fork up
abasourdi dazed, thunderstruck, stunned
introuvable untraceable, undiscovetable
plia ( inf: plier) folded, bent , creased
réponse reply, reponser, answer, solution
furent were, remained, existed
au fur et à mesure as one goes along
décrivant ( inf: décrire ) describing, prortraying
inhabituelle unusual, unfamiliar
déplaçant (inf: déplacer ) moving, displacing, shufting, relocating, exchanging, dislodging
s'empêcher refrain
empêcher prevent
effriter to crumble
soyeux silky
réfugier to take refuge, to den, to emigrate
tenter to try out, to attempt, to tempt, to assay
douleur pain, agony, ache
déclenché verb: triggered; adj: off
attraper to arrest, to capture, to catch, to grapple
fournissaient ( inf: fournir) were providing, were supplying, were furnishing, were catering to
engagea ( inf: engager ) committed to, engaged, hired, retained, nominated
lueur glow, ray, glimmer, flare, glint
apprêter to finish, prime, unlimber, dress
narines nostrils
noces nuptial, spousal; noce means wedding
soie silk, soy, tang, bristle
tenaient (inf: tenir) were holding, were hanging onto, were manning (3rd person plural)
demeura ( inf: demeurer) remained, lived, stayed, resided (1st and 3rd person sing.)
brin strand, ply, shred, sorig, whit
gazon turf, sod
grimper to climb, shinny, mountaineer, clamber, f----
réconfort comfort, reassurance
sortirait ( inf: sortir ) would come out, would leave, would exit, would go out, would get off
attiré attracted
vendeur seller, vendor, salesman, shop assistant
séance session, sitting, showing
dédicace dedication, autograph, inscription
paysage scenery, landscape
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