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Vocabulary 4

French Vocabulary 4

dépouillement counting, snalysis
parviendront; (infinitive: parvenir) will reach,mwill succeed, will attain
limogeage sacking, dismissal
revanche revenge, vengeance, rematch
entamer to enter into, to cut into, to make inroads into, to break into
menée verb: conducted; noun: scheming
étouffer to smother, suppress, stifle, choke, suffocate
entendent hear (3rd person plural)
affluer to flow in, to trickle, to flow
franchir to cross, ford, jump over, pass through
essor development, rise, boom, soaring
font make, produce, do ( 3rd person plural of faire)
héberge host, accommodate, house, harbor
scinder to split, break up, sunder
compte noun: account, count, tally; verb: count, tally, reckon
miliciens militia
milicien militiaman
tout comme just as, just like
tollé outcry
scrutin ballot, vote, poll
voie noun: way, route, channel, pathway, lane; verb: see, look at ( 1st and 3rd person singular)
crapuleux villainous, crooked, dissolute
parquet floor, wood floor, public prosecutor's office
la prise the catchi, capture, plug, socket, engagement, dose, handhold
sillon furrow, slot, groove, ridge
sillonner to crisscross, to ridge, to rut
fouet whip, scourge, beater
enceinte adj: pregnant; noun: enclosure, precinct
vaincre to overcome, defeat, vanquish, clobber
remporter to win, earn, carry off, chalk up
le fisc tax department, treasury
le viseur viewfinder, eyepiece, gunsight
litige litigation,mdispute, judicial proceeding
montant noun: amount, sum, figure; adj: rising; vetb: fitting, editing, mounting, welling, climbing, welling, ascending
dépasser exceed, transfer, overtake, outstrip, overshoot
inculpation charging, indictment
élargir to widen, expand, broaden
notamment especially, notably, among other things
piratage hacking
ampleur extent, scale, size, dimension, intensity, magnitude
dévoilée unveiled, unlocked, laid bare
survenir to occur, arise, emerge, take place
manifestation demonstration
couvre-feu curfew
parvenir to achieve, reach, attain, run across
averti warned
retenue detention, restraint, deduction, holdback
saper to undermine, subvert
renchérir to go further, get cleaner
a renchéri went further
volonté willingness, will, willpower
évincer evict, oust, supplant, get rid of
démissionner to resign, quit, retire
détenue owned, detained, prisoner
interdit prohibited, banned, forbidden
inutile pointless, unnecessary, useless, wasted
élu adj: elected; verb: chosen; noun: beloved, chosen one
amorce bait, leader, boot, primer
en lice vying, in the running, in contention
lice contention, battleground, arena
internautes Internet users
données data, inputs
courriel email
filiale subsidiary, affiliate, branch office
affaibli adj: weakened, debilitated, effete, lessened; verb: weakened, impaired, diluted
affable affable, kind spoken, genial
retirer to pull, withdraw, strip, retract, take off, back out
déroute noun: rout; verb: reroute, obfuscate, lead astray, bewilder, faze
feu nourri heavy fire, intense fire
nourri fed, nourished, nurtured
adj and noun: due; verb: past participle of devoir
sauf preposition: except for, apart from; adj: safe, unhurt
drap sheet, woolen cloth, bedsheet
drapeau flag, banner
envisage consider, contemplate, envision
perte loss, waste, undoing, bereavement
en fonction in-office
désormais henceforth, from now on
escale stopover, layover, port of call
arracher to pull, tear away, extract, snatch, pluck
reprise recovery, resumption, revival
antérieure previous
éclaté burst, divided, fragmented
voisins neighbors
tracer to trace, draw, chart
feuille de route roadmap, waybill
feuille leaf, sheet, foil
félicité verb: congratulated; noun: bliss, happiness
fustigé blasted, castigated, thrashed
revendiquée to claim, demand, protest
député deputy, representative
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