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FAR 117

What is Table B used for? Used to calculate a pilot's maximum flight duty period
What is Table A used for? Used to calculate a pilots's maximum block time
How many hours must pilots be scheduled rest on a layover? 10 hours
What does the word prospective mean? To be expected
What is the definition of FDP? Flight duty period starts at a pilot's report time and ends at the time of their last operating segment with no further intent to operate
How many hours must pilots take advantage of when given their 10 hour rest? 8 hours
What must pilots do if their rest is interrupted? Pilots must call crew scheduling immediately at the time of the interruption
How many hours is FDP extendable by? Extendable by 2 hours
What two things are not extendable by any means? Table A and cumulative limitations
What is 30 in 168? Pilots must recieve 30 hours of rest within a rolling 168 hour period
What is 1000 in 365 days? Pilots can have no more than 1000 hours of block within a rolling 365 day period
What is 60 in 168? Pilots can only have a max of 60 hours of FDP within a rolling 168 hour period
What is 190 in 672? Pilots can only have a max od 190 hours of FDP within a rolling 672 hour period
What is the WOCL? Period of maximum sleepiness occurring between 0200 - 0559
What is it called when a pilot goes over their table B limit AFTER take off? This is called a Post Take Off Extension
What must pilots receive before their next extension? 30 hours of rest
Do we need verbal consent for 30 minute and below extensions? After 30 minutes? No verbal consent needed for 0-30 and verbal consent is needed at minute 31
How many times can you extend between a 0-30 minutes period? unlimited amount of times
When do deadheads count toward FDP? at the beginning and middle of their day with intent to fly. Never counted when at the end of a pairing.
Do deadheads ever count as segments for limitations? No
What are the 3 MAIN FDP limitations when looking at a pairing? Rest time, Block time, and FDP limit
Naps should have a max TAFB time of what? 14 hours and 15 minutes
How much rest should a pilot receive on a nap and between what times? 3 hours between 2200-0500
What is the absolute latest rest time can start on a nap? 0115
What are the 3 DAILY FDP limitations? Table B, Table B + RAP, 16 hour limit
FA's mut receive what every 7 days occording to FAR 121? one 24 hour rest period
What is Normal Rest for a FA? 9 hours
What is Reduced Rest for a FA? 8:59 or less
What is Comp Rest for a FA? 10 hours
Created by: lnunez319