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Prisoner B-3087

Reading Bowl Questions

Why didn't Jack's family leave when they heard the Nazi's were coming? His father thought the Polish army stop them and the war would only last six months.
Why was Yanek disappointed when he found out school was cancelled for JEws? He loved to read and learn.
What does Yanek's father say when he figures out the Germans are taking away their rights? He said, "Let them take everything. They cannot take who we are."
When the new Jews moved in, what family moved in with Yanek's family? The Laskis
Why did Uncle Abraham and Aunt Fela only fire one oven? They needed to make the bread last, and they needed the other one to mask the bread's smell.
Why didn't Yanek's mother open the door when the Nazis knocked? She was frozen in fear.
How many families were left after the raid? 2 (Yanek's and the Tatarkas)
How many concentration camps did Yanek go to? 10
How old was Yanek when the wall began? 12 years old
How many Jews did the Nazis want to take from the Krakow ghetto, when Yanek was close to being 13 years old? Seven thousand Jews
What did Amon Goeth HAVE TO do every single day before eating breakfast? He had to kill at least 1 Jew.
At which concentration camp did the prisoners think they'd be killed in gas chambers, but instead something good happened there? Birkenau Concentration Camp
Created by: ccassrom2