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OMAM review game

Of Mice and Men review questions

What was the reasoning for George shooting Lennie in the back of his head? George shot Lennie because he was trying to save him from Curley's more painful death.
What was the setting of the story? 1930s - Salinas Valley, (Soledad) Southern California.
What excuse does George use when the boss acts why Lennie does not speak? George tells the boss that Lennie was hit on the head by a horse when he was a child.
How does Curley react to his wife's death? Curley is shocked and immediately wants to hunt down Lennie.
Why does George allow Candy to become apart of their dream to own a ranch? Because Candy has the money for it and Candy offers to pull his own weight while living there.
Where did George tell Lennie to go when he got himself into trouble? George told Lennie to go hide in the bushes by the river.
Why is Crooks lonely? Crooks is lonely because he is the only black man on the Ranch and nobody ever wants to be around him because of his skin color.
Why is Candy lonely? Because he has no family and now his dog is gone from being shot.
What does it mean when Candy says that Curley's wife has "got the eye"? It means that she is flirtatious with everybody she sees.
What does George say Lennie can do is he behaves? He will be able to tend the rabbits when they own a ranch of their own.
Who visits Lennie in the barn towards the end of the book? Curley's wife.
Who is/are the protagonists in this story? Lennie and George.
How does Crooks upset Lennie? Crooks tells Lennie that their dream will never come true.
How does Curley's wife feel about Curley? She doesn't actually like him; she only married him so she could explore.
What trouble did Lennie and George have in Weed? They were running away from the law.
What card game does George like to play? Solitaire.
Who was the only one who understood why George did what he did? Slim.
Why did Curley's wife go to Lennie? She was lonely and knew Lennie was weak.
What was the unusual hallucination that Lennie had towards the end of the story? He saw his Aunt Clara and a gigantic rabbit?
What food did George and Lennie eat at the campsite? Beans.
Created by: arl910