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5E SI points

5E SI/II point location with names

II.1 Little Marsh, Metal, Entry. Ulnar nail point on little finger
II.2 Forward Valley, Water. Ulnar edge of hand, distal to base of prox phalanx of little finger
II.3 Back Ravine, Wood, Tonification. Ulnar edge of hand, 1/2 way up 5th metacarpal bone. Palmar of notch at skin change.
II.4 Wrist bone, Source. On ulnar edge of hand, in hollow between base of 5th metacarpal and triquetral bone.
II.5 Yang Valley, Fire, Horary 1pm-3pm. On ulnar edge of hand, in hollow between triquetral bone and ulnar head.
II.6 Nourishing the Old. Unlar side of forearm, 1 ACI prox to II 5, prox to head of the ulna, between tendons ecu and edm which pass over ulnar head
II.7 Upright Branch, Junction, On posterior of forearm, 5 ACI prox to wrist crease, arm extended and pronated, on medial border of ecu.
II.8 Small Sea, Earth, Sedation. On post-med of forearm, with arm semi-flexed, 1 ACI distal to hollow between the med epi and olecranon.
II.9 Upright Shoulder. On post shoulder at top of axillary fold.
II.10 Shoulder Blade. Post shoulder, in depression inf to acromion, sup to II.9. 1 ACI medial to VI.14 (angle of acromion)
II.11 Heavenly Ancestor. Middle of scap, 1.5 ACI inf to inf edge of scap spine. II.9, 10, 11 form a perfect triangle
II.12 Grasping the Wind. 1 ACI sup to middle of sup edge of scap spine
II.13 Crooked Wall. Between med edge of scap and II.12, 1 ACI sup to scap spine, level with VI 15 and VII 21.
II.14 Outside the Shoulder Coorespondence. 3.5 ACI lat to SP of T1
II.15 Middle of the Shoulder Coorespondence. 2.5 ACI lat to SP of C7
II.16 Heavenly Window. Lat neck, post border of SCM, level of laryngeal prominence
II.17 Heavenly Appearance. Post mandible, sup to angle, at notch
II.18 Cheek Bone. Angle of ant edge of mandible and post edge of zygoma
II.19 Listening Palace, Exit. Ant to tragus, open mouth, mandibular fossa, post to articular tubercle of zygomatic process
Created by: aromalink