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NP Excel 7

New Perspectives Microsoft Office Excel Unit 7

comment A text box that is attached to a specific cell in a worksheet in which you can enter notes.
data validation A set of rules that determine what users can enter in a specific cell or range.
defined name A word or string of characters assigned to a cell or range.
digital signature An electronic version of a signature that provides a way to authenticate a workbook; also called a digital certificate.
error alert A message that appears if a user tries to enter a value in a cell that does not meet the validation rule.
Excel application A spreadsheet written or tailored to meet specific needs; typically includes reports and charts, a data entry area, a custom interface, as well as instructions and documentation.
input message A message that appears when the cell becomes active; can be used to specify the type of data the user should enter in that cell.
locked property A setting that determines whether changes can be made to a cell.
macro A series of stored commands that can be run whenever you need to perform that task.
module In VBA, a collection of sub procedures.
sub procedure In VBA, all of the actions performed in a macro.
Trust Center A central location for all of the security settings in Office.
validation criteria The type of data as well as a list or range of acceptable values specified for a validation rule.
validation rule A statement that defines criteria for the data that can be entered and stored in a cell or range.
virus A computer program designed to copy itself into other programs with the intention of causing mischief or harm.
Visual Basic Editor An application that works with Excel and all of the Office programs to view, debug, edit, and manage VBA code.
WordArt A text box in which you can enter stylized text
workbook protection A setting that limits users’ ability to make changes to the workbook’s structure and windows.
worksheet protection A setting that limits users’ ability to modify the worksheet’s contents, structure, or formatting.
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