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Photoshop-Concepts C

JHS Skinner Photoshop

Normal The default blending mode is this
Darkening Multiply is an example of this type of blending mode (category)
Lightening Screen is an example of this type of blending mode (category)
Contrast Overlay is an example of this type of blending mode (category)
Layer Mask Add this to a layer to be able to "paint out" areas you want to hide in the image
White This color on a layer mask means that anything on the layer attached to the mask will show through on the image
Black This color on a layer mask means that the area will not show through on the image (hides that area)
Window If you want to use the Masks panel, look under this menu
Adjustment This type of layer is a separate layer that lets you to non-destructively make change to a layer, such as brightless, levels, or hue changes
Spot Healing Brush This is a "one-click" repair and retouch tool used to remove blemishes or small items
Healing Brush Retouch tool that is similar to the Clone Stamp tool only in terms that you sample from one image on a source area and then paint to cover up blemishes, wrinkles, scratches, or image damage
Clone Stamp Retouch tool that is used for pixel-to-pixel duplication, effectively copying one area of a picture to another area
Patch Destructive retouch tool that acts like a lasso, but clones when you select an area and drag to another area to repair
Blur Retouch tool that looks like a raindrop
Sharpen Retouch tool that increases contrast in the areas where you paint; looks like a triangle
Smudge Retouch tool that blends the pixels where you paint, simulating a "finger painting" effect
Dodge Retouch tool that lightens pixels where you paint
Burn Retouch tool that darkens pixels where you paint
Sponge Retouch tool that desaturates or saturates the pixels where you paint
Smart Object To use a filter as a "Smart Filter" you must right click the layer and convert the layer to a:
Mask Smart Filters appear as a white box, which is one of these:
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