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Great gatsby all

Great Gatsby all the chapters and questions and answers for Ms. Yeilding.

Who is Nick? Protagonist and narrator
What is Nick's first reaction to Gatsby? How does he view him in the end? A romantic with lots of hope. Something gorgeous about him, a romantic readiness.
What does Gatsby possess according to Nick? "Creative Temperament"
Where is Nick from and what is his family's status? From the mid-west. Comes to the west to study bond and business.
Where did Nick attend and graduate college? Graduated from Yale.
What did Nick do after college? Study bond business.
What does the geographic location twenty miles from New York City look like? Be specific? Just out in to the most domesticated body of salt water.
Where did Nick live? Where do Tom and Daisy live? What is symbolic significance of the locations? West egg, East egg, Different locations.
Describe Nick's house. Who lives beside him? Less fashionable, squeezed in between 2 large places, small overlooked, weather beaten. Mr.Gatsby.
Describe Gatsby's house. BE specific. Mansion, marble swimming pool. A cheerful Georgian red and white colonial mansion, overlooking the bay.
Describe Tom and Daisy's house. BE specific. A gruff husky tenor.
Describe Tom's personality. BE specific. He is a brute.
Describe Daisy's personality. BE specific. Absurd and charming.
Who is Jordan Baker? A friend of Daisy.
What is Tom's attitude? Cruel
Why is Nick confused and disgusted at the end of the chapter? Nick realized that Daisy's husband Tom had another woman in his life. Nick was disgustingly shocked at the disrespect tom was giving to Daisy and Nick was once more reminded of the disgusting human natures.
Who does Nick see after he returns home? What could be seen across the sound? Mr. Gatsby. Him crying.
In what way is the description in the opening paragraph appropriate to the total atmosphere of the chapter? Dark, Gray cars, rising smoke from chimneys and houses.
What is symbolic about the valley of ashes and the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg? Describe the Valley of Ashes. Wealthy neighborhoods. An industrial zone on the way to the city.
List things Myrtle's talk of her unhappy marriage. What does she seem to be trying to justify? Ungrateful, she changes roles.
Created by: Katwill678