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CDC 1C052 VOL. 4

Unit Review Questions/Answers

Completion of the undergraduate flying training qualifies an offer for the basic aeronautical rating
Which subcategory of qualification training provides the training necessary to qualify an aircrew member to perform the command or unit mission? Mission qualification
Which type of continuation training is required to complete the greatest number of training tasks? Mission ready/combat mission ready (MR/CMR)
When percentage of the annual sortie requirements are flight surgeons required to perform in their primary aircraft? 50
Which aircrew evaluation consists of a flight and ground phase? Aircrew qualification
The aircrew qualification evaluation is due every 17 months
Which Q-level is given when an aircrew member demonstrates desired performance and knowledge during an aircrew evaluation? 1
What document is used to record and certify a member's aircrew evaluations? AF FORM 942
The AF Form 8, Certification of Aircrew Evaulation, is maintained permanently in the member's flight evaluation folder
Flight authorization duty codes describe a member's aircrew qualification, duty position, and training level
Which characters of the flight authorization duty code is/are MAJCOM specific? The third, fourth, and fifth characters
In the Aircraft Assignment window in Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS), an aircraft status code of "00" denotes the aircraft is inactive
What is the first step in creating a training program in Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS)? Add the program in the training program list
Where can you find a listing of Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) standard program codes) AFI 11-202, Vol 1
When adding a training program in Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS), the "Program Duration" refers to the length of the current training cycle
Task IDs with duplicate double letters indicate Air Force specified training events
Locally developed training requirements will have task IDs beginning with the letter X
When building a training profile in Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) which section of the Training Management window would you use to enter the task frequency, phase period, and volume/duration? Requirements
Frequency refers to how often a task must be performed
When assigning dual-credit criteria in Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS), the type of credit given my include accomplishment date and volume ONLY
When auditing the training profile master list, any task that is set to dual credit will have an arrow connecting the task to the task being dual credited
After you are finished assigning training profiles to an aircrew member, audit the transactions using the Training Profile Assignment List
For which months may a member be prorated if the training cycle is from 1 Jan to 30 Jun and the member was DNIF from 9 Mar to 17 Apr? Mar and April ONLY
You may prorate the following training tasks EXCEPT small arms
When you prorate a training profile, what happens to the tasks inside that particular training profile? The volume requirements of all tasks are reduced
What must you do if you need to make changes to a training task without affecting the rest of the tasks inside a training profile? Tailor the task individually
You can tailor an individual training task for the purpose of the following EXCEPT changing the training cycle
Who is responsible for completing the AF Form 4324 when assigning training profiles? The aircrew training office
When assigning training profiles, thoroughly check the AF Form 4324 for accuracy; particularly the ARMS Training Profile Management section
When may you update Aviation Resource Management (ARMS) without having a source document? Never
Who must certify the AF IMT 1522, ARMS Additional Training Accomplishment Report, when the training was conducted by an outside agency? The Training instructor
When updating training accomplishments in Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS), use the Single Date window when updating one ore more tasks accomplished on the same date by a single or multiple members
You may use the Multiple Date window to update accomplishments in Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS), audit the transactions using the Training Update Audit List
After you are finished updating training accomplishments in Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS), audit the transactions using the Training Update Audit List
To request a Training Update Audit List from Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS), what must you enter in the Process Date Field? The date the training accomplishments were entered
To properly document errors found on the Training Update Audit List, line through the error and write the correct information above the line
Which Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) training report displays a line-by-line listing of all the training tasks assigned to a member to include volume requirement, volume accomplished, date last accomplished, and date due? Individual Training Summary
Which type of mission provides air interdiction (AI) and close air support (CAS)? Counterland
What must maintenance personnel do in order to provide mission capable aircraft to meet the unit's mission requirements? Keep up with routine and scheduled maintenance
Crew rest includes at least how many hours of uninterrupted sleep? 8
The flight duty period ends when the aircraft engines are stopped at the end of a mission
When forecasting air refueling (AR) requirements, each scheduling office must forecast requirements for the next fiscal year plus 5 years
When forecasting air refueling (AR) requirements, the requesting unit must make allowances for attrition to include the following EXCEPT aircrew availability
Tanker support is not final until it is published in the quarterly air refueling (AR) schedule
Which publication would you use to find information on special-use airspace and its controlling agency? Appendix A of DOD Flight Information Publication
As a ground scheduler, you must determine which task takes priority and resolve scheduling issues as they arise
Within how many working days upon receipt of the flying hour allocations does the annual planning cycle start? 10
When building a quarterly plan, operational requirements are provided to maintenance no later than 25 days before the affected quarter
Which scheduling plan includes aircrew names and aircraft tail numbers/ Weekly
Which base agency would you coordinate the daily post flight report and flying time reporting? Maintenance
Which agency would you contact to safeguard the aircraft? Security forces
What does the status prefix symbol indicate? The aircraft is nonstandard, experimental, or a prototype
In the aircraft designation NKC135A, the letter "K" is known as the modified mission symbol
The aircraft designation F-15E is entered into the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) as F015E
Who may log primary flight time? flight surgeon on a medical evacuation mission
Which flight condition can only be logged by pilots? Instrument time
Who is responsible for completing the mission design series (MDS), serial number, unit charged flying hours, and Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) location blocks (blocks 2 through 5) of the AFTO Form 781? Maintenance crew chief
The duty code assigned on the flight authorization cannot be higher than the member's qualificaiton
All original AFTO Forms 781 must be provided to the Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) office by the 5th day of each month
In order to make changes to an AFTO Form 781 that has already been turned in to the Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) office the pilot in command must contact the HARM office
The purpose of the AF IMT 3520, Aircrew/Mission Flight Data Extract, is to serve as an alternate method to record individual flying hours
The AF IMT 3520, Aircrew/Mission Flight Data Extract, is certified by the pilot in command or the CHARM
Which format would you use in the flight Date field when updating flying hours in the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS)? DD MMM YYYY
After entering flight data in Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS), what report must be requested to audit your work? Flying Time Update Summary
To have an accurate database, how soon after entering flying hours into the system must you perform an audit and make corrections? The same day
On the flying history report (FHR) which flight time is not included in a member's total time? student
On the flying history report (FHR) which flight time is not included in a member's grand total time? combat time
When a member finds an error on his or her flying hour totals, you must not make any adjustments until a source document is produced
What must an aircrew member do when he or she finds an error on his or her flying hour totals, but is unable to produce a source document? Submit a DD Form 149, Application for Correction for Military Record
Your unit submits its yearly flying hour requirements to Current operations
To ensure accurate flying data is reported monthly, how often must you audit the aircraft utilization report (AUR)? Daily and monthly
When auditing the aircraft utilization report (AUR), you must perform a line by line comparison of each entry against the AFTO Form 781
When inprocessing an aircrew member at the Squadron Aviation Resource Management (SARM) office, the member must first complete an inprocessing checklist
What outprocessing procedure is not a responsibility of the Squadron Aviation Resource Management (SARM) office? Transferring the member's electronic record to the gaining Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) office
Who will not be assigned to the airborne duty on the same aircraft for the same misstion IAW AF 11-401, Aviation Management? Family member
As a minimum, the go/no-go system includes ensuring each member has a current AO, flight physical, and physiological training
Which AFI requires the Squadron Aviation Resource Management (SARM) office to develop and maintain a continuity book that includes opening and closing checklists AFI 11-421, Aviation Resource Management
You must document each end of day building check using a Standard Form 701, Activity Security Checklist
When posting flight information onto the status display board, make sure you are copying the exact information from the final daily flight schedule
A supervisor of flying (SOF) is commissioned officer designated to supervise the daily flying activities
Procedures for establishing a flight crew information file (FCIF) library can be found in AFI 11-202, Vol 2
Which volume of the flight crew information file (FCIF) library contains the current read file? I
When performing a post-mission review, you must compare the flight authorization against the AFTO Form 781 and MAR/TAR ONLY
If a member's duty code on the flight authorization does not match the AFTO Form 781 the aircraft commander must explain the reason in the Remarks section of the AFTO Form 781
According to AFI 11-421, Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) will be used on all deployments of more than 7 consecutive days
During manual operations at a deployed location, mail flight documentation back to home station weekly
When deployed, all original flight documentation must be forwarded to the unit that owns the aircraft
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