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LOTF Ch12 Questions

Lord of the Flies Chapter 12 Cry of the Hunters Questions

Who was the savage whose image refused to blend with that ancient picture of a boy in shorts and shirt?" Bill (p.183)
Why would "bathing (Ralph's) injuries have to wait?" to make sure he was safe from Jack and the rest of the savages (p.183)Ralph hit the pig skull and knocked it off the sharpened stick breaking it into two pieces.
What did Ralph do to the "Lord of the flies?" He hit the skull and knocked it off the stick breaking it into two pieces. (p.185)
Who had the "memory of a new and shameful loyalty?" Samneric (p.187)
Who sharpened a stick on both ends intending to use it on Ralph? Roger (p.190)
How did they try to get Ralph out of the thicket? by hurting Samneric (p.191)
-Ralph had three different strategies for "escaping" the hunters. What were they? 1. 2. 3. 1. climb a tree 2. burst the line like a boar 3. hide so well that the line would pass without discovering him (p.195-196)
Who said it? "Nobody killed, I hope? Any dead bodies?" the naval officer (p.201)
Who said it? "They are going to hunt you tomorrow." Samneric (p.188)
Created by: ldorso