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Fireworks-Web Design

Adobe Fireworks Web Design terms

JPG Graphics format primarily intended for photographic images; "lossy" and loses data when resized
GIF Graphics format uses for lower color depth items with transparency and animation capabilities
256 Number of colors used in GIF image format
16 million Number of colors used in JPG image format
PNG Graphics format good for many computer-generated graphics and file doesn't lose data when resized; does not support animation
canvas In Fireworks, the rectangular area in which an image is created and edited (often resized when creating animations)
crop To trim away areas of an image that are no longer needed
magic wand Fireworks tool used to select areas of similar color, such as a solid background
pointer Fireworks tool used to select and drag objects
brush Fireworks tool that draws brush strokes
eraser Fireworks tool that removes parts of objects
rubber stamp Fireworks tool that clones portions of objects
eye dropper Fireworks tool used to sample a color from an image
fill A color, pattern, or gradient inside an object
stroke Visible outline of an object
paint bucket Fireworks tool used to fill in a closed in area with color
layers This panel is where you work on the pixels of your image
smudge Fireworks tool that picks up color and pushes it in the direction that you drag in an image.
burn Fireworks tool darkens parts of an image.
edge Adjusted in properties; determines the softness of the stroke (100% is hard; 0% is soft).
states When animating in Fireworks, you need to have multiple:
hundredth of a second The duration in States is measured in this:
100 Set duration on States to this if you want one full second
bitmaps Images created from pixels are referred to as:
loop By default, an animation will do this when you play it:
lasso To select irregular areas on a bitmap image, use this Fireworks tool
delete After selecting a background, press this button to remove the background fill color
Control+D Press this keystroke to remove the 'marching ants' of a selection
anchor When enlarging your canvas to make more room, you need to do this if you do not want space added to both sides (example, top and bottom)
basic The simplest brushes (hard line, soft rounded) are in this brush category
spacebar When zoomed in, you can press this to move around your image without using scroll bars
Control+1 Use this keystroke to zoom to 100%
Control+0 Use this keystroke to set zoom where everything fits on the screen
undo If you mess up, press the arrow at the top, which is this button:
Created by: skindawg