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LOTF Ch 5 Questions

Lord of the Flies Chapter 5 Beast from Water Questions

What is "taken short"? need to stop doing what you're doing to defecate, have a bowel movement.
What does Ralph think they ought to do before they let the fire go out? "ought to die" (p.81)
Who scared the littlun by walking around in the jungle at night? Simon going to his hiding place (p.85)
Who are the two littluns who hold the conch and speak about the beast at the assembly? Phil talked about his nightmare and waking up to see something big moving in the forest. (p.84&85) Percival cried loudly then told the assembly how the beast comes out of the sea and fell asleep in the grass. (p.86&87)
Who said it? (remember to indicate the page #) "The thing is we need an assembly." Ralph (p.78)
Who said it? (remember to indicate the page #) "Serve you right if something did get you, you useless lot of cry-babies!" Jack (p.83)
Who said it? (remember to indicate the page #) "Life is scientific, that's what it is." Piggy (p.84)
Who said it? (remember to indicate the page #) "What I mean is ...maybe it's only us." Simon (p.89)
Who said it? (remember to indicate the page #) "What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?"
How did Piggy's specs get broken? Jack smacked Piggy's head, his glasses flew off and hit the rocks breaking one lens. (p.71)
Created by: ldorso