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LOTF Quest Ch 4

Lord of the Flies Chapter 4 Painted Faces and Long Hair

Who "still felt the unease of wrongdoing"? Maurice because even though he laughed after Roger ruined the sand castles made by three littluns he remembered when he got in trouble for the same thing back home(p.60)
Who was affected by the "taboo of the old way of life"? The boys still feel the pull of their previous, ordered, civilized life in England. At least for now.
How was Jack "liberated from the shame of self-consciousness"? If Jack is hiding behind the mask, then the thing/person/creature committing these heinous acts isn't Jack; it's the mask. Golding almost exonerates Jack here in this line. (p.64)
Why did the "littluns" always obey the summons of the conch? 4. partly because Ralph blew it and was big enough to be a link to the adult world of authority 5. partly because it was entertainment of the assemblies (p.59)
Why did Jack want Samneric to get him a coconut? he wanted to fill half of it with water to use as a mirror to see the "mask" he created on his face with "paint"
Why weren't the boys rescued? "They (Jack and the choir boys/hunters) let the bloody fire go out." (p.68)
Why were the littluns used to stomach aches and a sort of chronic diarrhea? they ate fruit all day long and were not particular about ripeness or quality, only if they could reach it (p.59)
Who said it? (remember to indicate the page #) "You don't half look a mess" Roger (p.63)
Who said it? (remember to indicate the page #) "They don't smell me. They see me, I think. Something pink, under the trees." Jack (p.63)
Created by: ldorso
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