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Which term refers to a predetermined way of organizing objects on a slide including title text and other content? Layout
John wants to change the style of a table in his presentation. After he has selected the table, which tab should he use? table style
Linda is creating a PowerPoint on which schools in North Carolina are offering the Microsoft Certification courses. To identify the vertical and horizontal values in a chart. Which feature would she use? chart title
Mrs. Pickard, the FBLA advisor, wants to show the proportion of competitors at the regional, state, and national level from each school. Which SmartArt graphic layout should she use? pyramid
What group on the Picture Tools Format ribbon contains the command to right align images in a slide? adjust
van completed his Accounting PowerPoint and decided that his animations on slide 3 need to be switched to create a more audience friendly presentation. Which animation feature should he choose to complete this change? reorder animation
Tanya has a picture on slide 6 of her presentation that has an entrance animation; she would also like for it to have an exit animation. Which of the following would you apply to cause this to happen? correct number 46
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