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FA Contract Rules

Do FA's get hotels in Domiciles? No
What happens when the FA or FA crew's transportation doesn't show up 15 min after their release time? 1 member of the fa crew may pay for a taxi and will be reimbursed by the company
How what is the max time a trip can be constructed for a FA and what is the exception with being given an extra day? The max time is four days. A fifth day may be given if there are No RRR or reserves available in the bucket.
What is the minimum amount of days off a FA can have? 10 days minimum
How many credit hours does a "nap line" usually go for? No less than 35 and no more than 50 credit hours
How many credit hours does a "regular line" usually go for? no less than 75 hours or more than 97
A reserve FA is transitioning to a lineholder, can his/her reserve schedule carry over to the next month? Yes, must start and finish as a reserve and vice versa
What is the latest FA's can post trips in open time? 24 hours
Can a lineholder pick up a trip on his/her day off? Yes they can.
Are we responsible for the accomdations (hotel,, transportation, deadhead) for a lineholder that picks up a trip in a different domicile? No, FA are responsible for getting to their assignment on time and being available.
How much is a regular lineholder paid for picking up a "premium" trip? 150%
When should a trip trade request be submitted? No later than 24 hrs before their report time of the earliest trip.
What do we refer FA's to to trade, drop, or pick up trips? Skedplus+
How many trip trades can FA's participiate in per bid period? 10 trip trades, unless otherwise decided by us
Can regular line holders pick up trips in different domiclies? Yes
What is the minimum amount of hours FA can have from the result of trade or swaps? 62.5 credit hours
How long can a lineholder be remain available with no assigment at their domicile? 2 hours during normal ops, 5 hours during IROP
How many times can a FA be drafted? No more than 2 times and will not exceed 3 duty periods
What are the 2 circumstances a reserve FA cannot be drafted? On golden days and for Union business
What are the two options we have and a condition for FA's who have unscheduled overnights? Fly the FA back to their domicile or require the FA to stay with the aircraft and operate back. However, they are not required to fly more than 3 legs, including the DHD on these days
When can we contact a FA during their FAR required rest? The 1st hour and the last hour and a half of their rest
How many days off should a Reserve FA be scheduled for in a bid period? How many are golden? 10 days off and 3 of the days are golden
What is the amount of a time a reserve FA can be on call for? up to 12 hours
How many hours after a calling period should a reserve be available for? and what must be given to them before their duty time? 3 hours after and must be given 8 hours rest before their report time
After a reserve FA is contacted by us, how long do they have to report to the airport? 2 hours
How long does a reserve FA have to call us back after missing our call? What will it result in if they do not call back in time? 15 minutes, if not, it will result in a TBD
What is the max amount of credit hours a reserve FA can be scheduld or rescheduled for? 125 hours
What is the max amount of off days scheduling can move around on a reserve FA? 5 off days
If a reserve FA is required to work on a day off, what are the 3 options that can be made to compensate? give another day off within the bid month, given the day off within 30 days of that scheduled work day, or the FA can choose to be compensated for the day off with 3.75 hours
How long is the duty period for a ready reserve FA? No more than 8 hours.
A FA assigned a RRR shift, has how long to report to the airport? 2 hours
Can a ready reserve be assigned a trip prior to his/her release? Yes they can.
How many RRR periods can be assigned to a FA? No more than 5 in a bid period
What are the 3 options we have as schedulers to give reserve FA when they call for release? Give them another assignment, realease the FA into rest, or remain at the airport for an additional hour
What is the amount of time reserve FA can be placed as TDY? maximum of 5 calender days
What is the max amount of hours a FA can be scheduled per month? 125 hour max, or more voluntarily.
When will duty time commence at their domicile? 60 minutes
When will duty time commence for FA away from their domiciles? 45 minutes
Can a FA be scheduled for another trip after their 15 minute debrief? No they can't
How long is a FA's regular duty period? What about actual duty periods? 14 hours for regular, actual is 16 hours for delays, weather, etc.
How much rest does a FA get at domicile? 10 hours
How many off days can a FA have during a 7 day period at their domicile? at least 1 day off
How long in between flights at domicile does a FA need to receive a dayroom? 6 hours
How long in between flights away from domicile does a FA need to receive a dayroom? 5 hours
How many credit hours can a part-time FA recieve? no less than 50 and no more than 60 credit hours
How long does a commuting FA have to list themselves of their commuter flight? no more than 36 and no less than 24 hours
What must a commuting FA say when their is a chance they might not make their commuting flight when contacting CS? She must inform us that she is "invoking the commuting flight attendant policy"
What must we always include in our notes when staying in touch with commuting FA's? The carrier info, flight number, and eta
How many occurances may a commuting FA have? 3 times in a rolling 12 month period and not to exceed 5 times in a rolling 24 month period
What are the main 2 options we may give a commuting FA who is unable to report to their domicile? Place them on their pairing if it returns to their domicile and continue to operate or reschedule the FA for another trip
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