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Pysiology and Histology of the skin

Name the study of the functions of the skin? Physiology
What does Esthetics refer to? The field of skin care, including waxing and makeup
Integumentary system refers to? Skin
Which part of the body has the thinnest skin? eyelids
Each inch of the skin contains? 15 feet of blood vessels, 100 oil glands,650 sweat glands.
What does sending nerves to the brain through nerve stimulation do? Lowers stress in the body by massage
How does injured skin repair itself to normal thickness? Hyperprodcution of cells and bloodclotting ability
What do sensory nerve endings respond to? Touch and pain, pressure, cold and heat.
Is this statement True or False? The bodys internal thermostat is set to 98.6 degrees farenheit
How does oil help maintain the water level in the cells? Oil coating the skins surface slows down water evaporation
When the skin breaths what does it absorb? oxygen
What surrounds the cells in the epidermis? Lipids
In what cell layer of the skin does cell division occur continuously? basal cell layer
What passes through the stratum lucidum? light
Where is the stratum lucidum found? Palms of hands and soles of feet
The dermis is how many times thicker than the epidermis? 25 x's
Which layer connects the dermis to the epidermis? Papillary
What makes up 70% of the dermis? Collagen
What happens to subcutis layer as you age? it decreases
Which of thse does the body NOT replace naturally? Elastin
Which fibers are dispersed to sweat and oil glands? Secretory nerve fibers
Where are pigment graules produced? Melanocytes
Which is true of sebaceous glands? Their glandular sacs open into the hair follicles.
When are eccrine glands more active? during physical activity
What causes approximately 80-85% of our aging? The sun's rays
What is designed to protect the skin from the sun, but can be destroyed by large doses of UV light? Melanin
Clients shoul have protective lotion with a sunscreen of at least? SPF 15
When checking existing moles, what should you look for? ABCD Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter
How does nicotine age the skin? It contracts blood vessels, which weakens circulation and deprives tissues of oxygen.
How do weakened blood vessels affect the skin? They decrease circulation, depriving tissues of oxygen
Is damage that is done by drinking and smoking hard to reverse or diminish? Usually it is
What does healthy skin begin with? diet and water intake
Which vitamin is also known as absorbic acid? vitamin C
Vitamin A is well known for treating which skin condition? Acne
Which vitamin is an antioxidant that can help prevent certain types of cancer? Vitamin A
Water composes what percentage of water weight? 50-70%
How do you determine how many 8- ounce glasses of water you need every day? Divide your body weight by 2 and then divide this # by 8
What is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue? lack of water
All the necessary motors and parts to run our bodies are contained in: The foods we take in
What are 2 of the 3 basic food groups? proteins and carbohydrates
What are enzymes? Catalysts that break down complex food molecules to smaller molecules
What is not one of the proteins tasks? Provide energy neede for muscular work
How does the immune system use proteins? define what is an invader and how the body will react
What is included in a vegan diet? plant products and no dairy products
Why is glucose the most important carbohydrate? It provides most of the bodys energy
What are the 3 basic types of carbohydrates? Simple sugars, starches, and fiber cellulose
What is a disaccharide made of? Two molecular sugar units
what are simple carbohydrates? Honey and some vegetables
Where is glucose stored? Muscles and liver
Which foods is high in fiber? carrot and beans
What does your body use to manufacture fat? Carbohydrates and proteins
What is the main fat in foods? Triglycerides
What do sebaceous glands use to lubricate skin? lipids
How many extra calories does it take for the body to store one pound of fat? 35,00
According to many dieticians, what percentage of a person's entire caloric intake should be from fat? less than 30%
What is cholestrol used for? Strengthening cell membranes
Which is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids? Fish
Where are fat soluble vitamins stored? Liver and adipose tissue
Breaking down and reconstructing proteins, synthesizing fatty acids,converting amino acids. Vitamins
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