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Verbs T - Z

French Infinitives Starting T thru Z

Tacher To stain, spot
Tâcher To try, endeavor
Taire (se) Te be quiet
Taper To type; to knock; to beat, smack
Taquiner To tease, bait, josh
Tarder To delay, take a long time
Teindre To dye
Téléphoner To call
Témoigner To testify; to show
Tendre To strain, strive, stretch, tighten
Tenir To hold
Tenter To try
Terminer To end
Tester To test
Tirer To pull, draw, fire, shoot
Tisser To weave, braid, plait
Tolérer To tolerate, put up with
Tomber To fall, drop, tumble
Tondre To shear, mow, clip
Tonner To thunder, boom
Toquer To knock, tap
Tordre To twist, wring, contort
Toucher To affect, contact, touch
Tourner To turn, rotate, shift
Tousser To cough, whoop
Tracasser To worry, bother, harass
Tracer To draw, trace, plot, chart
Traduire To translate, convey
Trahir To betray
Trainer To pull, drag, be lying about, dawdle
Traiter To treat, to negotiate, do, deal
Transcrire To transcribe
Transférer To transfer
Transformer To transform
Transmettre To transmit
Transparaître To show through
Travailler To work
Traverser To cross
Tressaillir To shudder, flinch, quiver
Tresser To braid, plait; to twist
Tricher To trick, cheat
Tromper To deceive, cheat
Trouver To find
Tuer To kill
Tutoyer To use the word "tu"
Ululer To hoot, screach
Unifier To unify
Unir To unite
Urger To be urgent
User To wear out
Utiliser To use
Vaciller To sway, wobble, waver
Vaincre To defeat, win, overcome
Valider To validate, authenticate
Valoir To be worth, cost
Valoriser To develop; to value, upgrade, evaluate
Vanter To praise, extol
Varier To vary
Veiller To stay up, to care, worry
Vendre To sell
Venger To avenge
Venir To come
Verdir To turn green
Vérifier To verify
Verser To pour
Vêtir To clothe
Vexer To upset, anger, offend
Vider To empty, drain
Vieillir To age
Viser To aim, point, target
Visiter To visit
Vivre To live
Voiler To veil, blanket
Voir To see
Voler To steal, fly
Vomir To vomit
Voter To vote
Vouloir To want
Vouvoyer To use the word "vous"
Voyager To travel
Warranter To guarantee with a warrant
Zébrer To stripe
Zézayer To lisp
Zoner To zone
Created by: MarkBarron