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Verbs S

French Infinitives Starting with S

Sacrificer To sacrifice
Saigner To bleed
Saillir To protude
Saisir To seize, grasp, catch
Salir To soil, slander
Saluer To greet, salute
Sangler To strap, girth
Sangloter To sob, cry, whimper
Satisfaire To satisfy
Sauter To jump, skip, hop, leap
Sauver To save, rescue
Savoir To know
Sécher To dry, blot
Secouer To shake, rock, shock
Secourir To help, assist
Séduire To seduce
Séjourner To sojourn
Sélectionner To select
Sembler To seem
Semer To sow, spread
Sentir To feel, smell
Séparer To separate
Serrer To grasp, squeeze
Servir To serve
Siffler To whistle, hiss, wheeze
Signaler To signal
Signer To sign
Signifier To signify, mean
Simplifier To simplify
Simuler To simulate, feign
Siroter To sip
Skier To ski
Soigner To take care of, treat
Songer To dream, meditate
Sonner To ring, sound, toll
Sortir To go out, leave, exit, release
Souffler To blow, pant
Souffrir To suffer
Souhaiter To wish
Souiller To soil, stain, defile
Soulager Relieve, soothe, facilitate
Soûler To make drunk; to tire
Soulever To lift, raise
Souligner To underline, stress
Soumettre To submit
Soupçonner To suspect
Souper To have dinner
Soupirer To sigh
Sourire To smile
Souscrire To subscribe
Soutenir To support
Souvenir (se) To remember
Spécifier To specify
Stationner To park
Stimuler To stimulate
Subir To undergo, suffer
Substituer To substitute
Subvenir To meet
Succéder To succeed
Sucer To suck
Suffire To suffice
Suggérer To suggest
Suivre To follow
Supplier To beg
Supporter To support, endure
Supposer To suppose, assume
Surprendre To surprise
Supprimer To delete; to suppress, remove
Surgir To appear suddenly; to arise
Surveiller To watch, supervise
Survenir To occur, arise
Survivre To survive
Survoler To fly over
Suspendre To hang, suspend
Created by: MarkBarron