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Verbs R

French Infinitives Starting with R

Raccommoder To mend, repair
Raccourcir To shorten, abbreviate
Raccrocher To hang up; to solicit; to waylay
Raconter To tell, recount
Refraîcher To cool, chill, freshen, refresh
Raisonner To reason, argue
Rager To fume, rage
Ralentir To slow down, slacken
Ramasser To pick up, gather
Ramener To take back
Ramer To row (boat)
Ranger To arrange
Rappeler To recall
Rapporter To bring again/ back
Rapprocher To bring together
Raser To shave someone
Rassembler To gather, assemble
Rassurer To reassure
Rater To miss, fail, misfire, muff
Rationner To ration
Rattraper To recapture; to recover
Ravager To ravage, devastate
Ravir To delight
Réaliser To achieve, fulfill; to realize
Recevoir To receive
Réchauffer To reheat; to warm up
Rechercher To look for, seek
Réciter To recite
Réclamer To ask for; to complain
Récolter To harvest; to collect, gather
Recommander To recommend
Récompenser To reward
Réconcilier To reconcile
Reconduire To renew, proceed with
Reconnaître To recognize
Reconstruire To rebuild
Recoudre To sew back on
Recourir To run again
Recouvrir To recover
Récrire To rewrite
Rectifier To rectify
Recueillir To collect, gather, collate
Reculer To move back/away
Rédiger To write out, enrol, word
Redire To repeat
Redoubler To increase, intensify
Redouter To dread, fear
Redresser To straighten; to set right
Réduire To reduce
Réélire To re-elect
Refaire To redo
Référer To refer
Refermer To close (again)
Réfléchir To think, meditate, reflect on
Refléter To reflect
Refroidir To cool
Réfugier To take refuge
Refuser To refuse
Regarder To look at
Régler To settle, sort out; to regulate
Régner To reign, govern
Regretter To regret
Rejeter To reject
Rejoindre To meet, rejoin
Réjouir To delight, gladden, thrill
Relever To stand up (again); to raise
Relier To join, link, bind
Relire To reread
Remarquer To notice
Remercier To thank
Remettre To put back, surrender, remit
Remmener To take back/again
Remonter To go back up, rise again
Remoudre To regrind
Remplacer To replace
Remplir To fill
Remporter To take again/back
Remuer To move, twitch
Rencontrer To meet
Rendre To give back
Renfermer To hold, contain, include
Renoncer To renounce
Renouveler To renew
Renseigner To inform, report, acquaint
Rentrer To return home
Renverser To knock over, overturn, reverse
Renvoyer To dismiss, reject, postpone
Répandre To spread, spill, express
Reparaître To reappear, reoccur
Réparer To repair
Repartir To restart, set off again, assess, distribute, divide
Repasser To iron; to pass again, retake
Repeindre To repaint
Repentir (se) To repent
Répéter To repeat
Répliquer To reply, replicate, counter
Répondre To answer
Reposer To rest
Repousser To reject, push away, repel, snub
Reprendre To take again, to recover
Représenter To represent
Réprimander To reprimand
Reprocher To criticize
Reproduire To reproduce
Répudier To repudiate
Réserver To reserve
Résigner (se) To resign oneself
Résister To resist
Résonner To resonate, reverberate
Résoudre To resolve
Respecter To respect
Respirer To breathe; to exude
Ressembler To resemble
Ressentir To feel
Rester To remain
Restreindre To restrict
Résulter To result
Résumer To summarize
Rétablir To re-establish
Rétamer To recoat, retin
Retarder To delay; to set back
Reteindre To dye again
Retenir To retain
Retirer To remove, take off/out, withdraw
Retomber To fall again
Retourner To return
Retrouver To find (again)
Réunir To reunite
Réussir To succeed
Réveiller To wake up
Réveler To reveal
Revenir To come back
Rêver To dream
Reverser To pour more; to pay back, transfer
Revêtir To put on
Revivre To relive
Revoir To see again
Rire To laugh
Risquer To risk
Rompre To break up, sever
Ronfler To snore, hum, roar
Ronger To gnaw at, eat into; to sap
Rougir To redden, blush
Rouler To roll, to drive (a car)
Rouvrir To reopen
Ruiner To ruin
Rayer To line, rule; to scratch out/off
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