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1st 9 wks-20 qsts

20 Questions from 1st 9 Weeks

What year was the first printing press invented? 1440
The printing press was invented by Johannes '_____' Gutenberg
The 42-Line Bible was the first book to be _____ printed
What version of Chrome do you download to a new iMac? OS X 10.8 or later
Why did Bill Gates buy $150 Million dollars in Apple stock? To help Apple computers get back on it's feet
The quickest way to get a hard copy of one of your Google Docs. Print it from the internet
Where Google Docs are stored. In warehouses all across the world
The menu option in Photoshop provides numerous artistic painting techniques Filters Gallery
Located In the Photoshop menu bar under Edit > Transform Scale and Rotate an image
What is the shortcut to deselect a selection in Photoshop? Command D
Where do you go to retrace all your steps in Photoshop? History Palette
Most efficient tool in PS for creating an outline (stroke) of a ball. Ellipse Tool
Shortcut for New Document Command N
Shortcut for Save Command S
Shortcut for Duplicate Layer Command J
Shortcut for Free Transform Command T
Shortcut for Fit Image to Window Command 0 (zero)
Shortcut for Copy Command C
Shortcut for Paste Command V
Shortcut for capturing a screen shot Shift + Command 4