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Chapter 14 Terms

Operating Systems Chapter 14

Booting refers to the computer bringing itself up to a working state
Hard Boot or Cold Boot turning on the operating system using the power button on the machine
Soft Boot or Warm Boot using the operating system to reboot
POST (Power on Self Test) a series of tests used to find out if startup BIOS can communicate correctly with essential hardware components required for a successful boot
Windows Boot Manager (BootMgr) The MBR program searches the partition table looking for the active partition, Which windows calls the system partition it finds and loads the boot manager program in the root directory of the partition
OS Boot Record the first sector in the active partition
NTLDR windows XP boot program
Boot.ini Stores XP settings
Boot Configuration Data (BCD) File Contains configuration information about how windows is started
Windows Boot Loader (WinLoad.exe) for normal startups BootMgr launches Windows Boot Loader
Last Known Good Configuration this is what the registry settings from the last successful logon are called
Windows Recovery Enviroment (Windows RE) a lean operating system that can be launched to solve windows startup problems
System Repair Disk can be used to launch Windows RE
Bootrec to repair boot and bcd sectors
bcdedit manually edit bcd
boot-sect repair a dual boot system
FDISK used to manage partitions and create partitions on a hard drive
Recovery Console is similar to command prompt in Windows RE
fixmbr repairs the Master Boot Record
fixboot used to repair the boot sector of the system partition
Emergency Repair Disk to solve problems involving missing system files
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