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vowel & diphtong voc

clinical phonetics

what is a vowel a speech sound thatis formed without a significant constriction of the oral and pharyngeal cavities and serves as a syllable nucleus
What is a monophthongs A pure vowel having a single unchanging sound quality.
What is a diphthong a vowel like sound that serves as a syllable nucleus and involves a gradual transition from one vowel articulation (on glide) to another (off glide)
front vowel a vowel produced with the positioned tongue near the front of the mouth. high front are /i/ as in he low front are /ae/ hat
high vowel a vowel produced with the tongue in a high (superior) position. /i/ (he) /u/ who
lax vowel a vowel that is relative short in duration is assumed to have reduced muscular tension.
low vowel a vowel produced with the tongue in a low (inferior) position. /a/ hot /ae/ hat
back vowel a vowel produced with the tongue positioned toward the back of the month. /u/ (who) /a/ ha
central vowel (point) a vowel produced with the tongue positioned in the center of the mouth exp first vowel in upon
derhotacization partial loss or coloring from a normally rhotacized vowel (er sound)
monophtongization alteration of a diphthong to a pure vowel , loss of the dynamic phonetic quality of a diphthong
nasalized vowel a vowel produced with a nasal resonances usually because of a n open velopharynx
onglide the initial vowel or vocal tract shape of a diphthong
offglide the terminal vowel or vocal tract shape of a diphthong
r colored a sound that carries the phonetic quality of /r/, the rotic consonant
reduction of a vowel generally, a shorting or unstressed of a vowel, which may be accompanied a change in vowel quality ,usually in the direction of centralization
retroflex literally a turned back: this term is used to denote sounds that carry r coloring or comes to have it because of contextual influences, such as the words bird and futher.
rhotacization a property or process related to r coloring. In phonetics, vocalic r refers to the phenomenon of a rhotic segment such as [r] or [ɹ] occurring as the syllable nucleus.
tense vowel a vowel that is relatively long in duration and is assumed to be produced relative tense or active musculature the vocal tract
tongue advancement the vowel feature or dimension per taining to the position of the tongue body along the anterior-posterior aspect. advancement implies anterior or frontal positioning.
tongue placement the vowel feature or dimension pertaining to the position of the tongue body along the superior-inferior aspect
vowel quadrilateral a four-sided figure have the corner vowels and its vertices. A diagram show in the position of the tongue for the vowel articulation
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