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Crispin Review 1-10

Describe the setting of the story. England 1377
Where did Crispin spend his childhood? Stromford
What crime did Ayecliffe accuse Crispin of committing? stealing from the manor
What was Crispin's most valued possession? What made it so special to him? cross of lead/ it belonged to his mother
What was Crispin's name for thirteen years? Asta's son
Why did Crispin leave the village shortly after his mother's death? He had been declared a wolf's head?
Why was Asta buried without a coffin? He couldn't afford a coffin.
Why did John Ayecliffe have great power over the peasants? Ayecliffe was in charge of the manor while Lord Furnival was away
Why did Ayecliffe attack Asta's son? He overheard the secret meeting in the woods.
What information did Asta's son receive from Father Quinel? His mother could read and write. He learned his name was Crispin.
What is a wolf's head? It means you are no longer human and anyone can kill you upon sight.
Explain the importance of the setting to this novel. The setting is important because it takes place in medieval age and you could not be declared a wolf's head in present time. People did not have as many rights as they do today.
How did Cerdic trick Crispin? He led him into a trap straight to Ayecliffe by telling him to go
What is the difference between simile and metaphor? Simile uses like or as when comparing two or more things.
Created by: mackka