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Food & Kitchen

french crap

Saupoudrer Sprinkle Sugar
Servir To Serve
Verser To Pour
Melanger To Mix
Preparer To Prepare
Peler To Peel
Couper To cut
Beurrer Butter
Couvrir Cover
Mettre Put
Cuire Cooking
Arranger Arrange
Faire Fondue Melt
Fouetter To wisk/whip
Blanchir To blanche
Ajouter To add
Tourner Turn
Faire Reduire Reduce
Laisser Epaissir Thicken
Saler Salt
Poivrer Pepper
Epicer To season
Parsemer To sprinkle
Garnir Garnish
Arroser Put dressing on
Casser Break
Separer Seperate
Ecraser Grind/Crush
Raper Grate
Essorer Strain
Laver Wash
Couper Cut
Macerer Marinate
Eteindre Turn it off
Allumer To turn on
Prechauffer Heat
Chauffer To chill
Refroidir Fridge
Mijoter To simmer
La casserole pan
La poele frying pan
le poelon pot with handle
Un couvercle Lid
Un Plat Dish
Un moule Cake Pan
Un bol Bowl
Un plat Dish
a feu doux Low heat
a feu fort High Heat
a feu moyen Medium Heat
une louche a soupe laddle
une cuillere en bois Wooden Spoon
une spatule Spatula
Casser To break
tourner turn
faire fondre melt butter
ecraser to crush
raper to grate
couper en des to dice
peler to peel
laver (rincer) to rinse
laiser macerer to marinate
essorer (egoutter) to strain
le couteau sharp
Created by: lexilou22