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CrewTrac Codes

150 150% Red Flag VOT
200 200% Red Flag VOT
ADD Add Trip
ADM Administrative Duty
ALP ALPA Union Duty
BAD Bid Award Drop
BEV Bereavement
C04-C19 Call Me 1st (Short Call)
CPO Chief Pilot Off Paid
CPU Per Chief Pilot
CSD Crew Schedule Drop
EML Emergency Leave
FAM Family Leave
FTD Fatigue TBD
GDO Golden Days Off
GRS Student Ground School
IOE Initial Operating Experience
JUR Jury Duty
LCF Long Call Me First
LCR Long Call Reserve
LCS Long Call Me Second
LOA Leave of Absence
MED Leave of Absence Medical
MGT Management Pilot
MIA Missing Leave of Absence
MIL Leave of Absence Military
MIS Miscellaneous Absence
MOV Moving Day
MTP Miss Trip
NNN Internal Follow Up
NMD No Min Day
OET Operating Experience
OFF Off Day
OFL Offline
OJI/OJ2 On the Job Injury
OSA Open Time Swap Add
PER Leave of Absence Personal
POL Paid Offline
R04-R19 No Preference (Short Call)
RAS Reserve Assignment
RDO Restored Day Off
RGT Recurrent Ground Training
RLG Remove For Legality
ROE Removed due to Operating Experience
RRR Ready Reserve
SCF Short Call Me First
SIC Sick Leave Paid
SIM Student Sim Training
SLV Sick Leave Unpaid
SMT Sick Mid Trip
TBD To Be Determined
TDY Temporary Reserve
TER Employment Ends (Termination)
TNG Training Misc
TTA Trip Trade Add
TTD Trip Trade Drop
VAC Vacation
VAP Vacation Available Pick Up
VOT Voluntary Open Time
WFS Withheld From Service
Created by: lnunez319
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