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Verbs - E

French Infinitives Starting with E

Ébranler To shake; to weaken, compromise
Écarteler To tear apart, quarter
Écarter To move apart, spread open
Échanger To exchange
Échapper To escape
Échouer To fail
Éclaircir To lighten, brighten; to thin
Éclairer To light, shine; to clarify
Éclater To explode; to break out
Éclore To hatch, bloom, open out
Éconduire To dismiss, reject
Écouler To sell, to shift
Écouter To listen
Écrire To write
Effacer To erase
Effectuer To carry out, make happen
Effrayer To frighten
Égarer To mislay, misplace; to mislead
Égayer To entertain, amuse, cheer up
Élargir To widen, stretch
Électrifier To electrify
Élever To raise, breed, nurture
Élider To elide
Élire To elect
Éloigner To move away
Embarquer To embark, load; to steal
Embarrasser To embarrass
Embrasser To kiss, embrace
Émigrer To emigrate
Emménager To move (to)
Emmener To take
Émoudre To sharpen, hone, grind off
Emparer (s') To sieze, grab, take over
Empêcher To prevent, avert
Employer To employ
Empreindre To imprint
Empresser (s') To bustle around, hasten, hurry
Emprunter To borrow, loan
Encadrer To frame, flank, restrict
Enclore To enclose
Encourager To encourage
Encourir To incur
Endormir To fall asleep
Enduire To coat, smear, anoint, daub
Énerver To irritate, annoy; to overexcite
Enfermer To shut/lock in, imprison
Enfoncer To thrust/stick/drive in
Enfreindre To infringe
Enfuir (s') To run away, abscond, elope
Engager To bind
Engloutir To gobble, wolf down; to engulf
Enjoindre To enjoin
Enlever To remove, clear, abduct
Ennuyer To bore
Énoncer To express, state, word, enunciate, posit
Enquérir ('s) To inquire
Enregistrer To register
Enrichir To enrich
Enseigner To teach
Ensuivre (s') To ensue
Entendre To hear
Enterrer To bury
Entourer To surround; to rally around
Entraîner To drag; to lead; to cause
Entreprendre To undertake, attempt, launch, begin
Entrer To enter
Entretenir To look after, maintain, keep up
Entrouvrir To half-open
Énumérer To enumerate
Envahir To invade
Envelopper To envelop
Envier To envy
Envoler To take flight
Envoyer To send
Épargner To spare, save, set aside
Épeler To spell
Épicer To spice
Épier To spy on; to watch
Épouser To marry
Éprouver To test; to feel
Épuiser To exhaust, tire out
Équivaloir To equal
Errer To wander, roam
Espérer To hope
Espionner To spy on
Esquisser To sketch, outline
Essayer To try
Essuyer To wipe
Estimer To appraise, assess; to esteem
Établir To establish
Étaler To spread, strew
Éteindre To extinguish
Étendre To stretch
Éternuer To sneeze
Étonner To astonish
Étouffer To suffocate, smother
Étourdir To stun, daze
Être To be
Étreindre To embrace
Étudier To study
Évaluer To evaluate
Evanouir (s') To faint
Éveiller To arouse, awaken, kindle
Éviter To avoid
Exagérer To exaggerate
Examiner To examine
Exciter To arouse, excite,; to intensify
Exclure To exclude
Excuser To excuse
Exécuter To carry out, execute
Exercer To exercise (control), exert
Exiger To demand, require, claim
Exister To exist
Expliquer To explain
Exploiter To exploit; to farm; to run
Exposer To display, exhibit, show; to state
Exprimer To express
Endommager To damage
Échoir To come due
Created by: MarkBarron