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Supreme Court Landmark Cases #2

Gave citizens the right to sue a state. South Carolina resident sued Georgia. Chisholm v. Georgia
Chisholm v. Georgia undone by this Amendment prohibiting individuals from bringing a lawsuit against a state in most instances Eleventh (11th) States Immunity
Steamboat from NY to NJ--federal permit trumped state-granted monopoly Gibbons v. Ogden
"When private property is devoted to public use, it is subject to public regulation." (Government regulation of businesses.) Munn v. Illinois
Involved limiting working hours for female employees could be done to protect the health of female workers; led to judicial justification of sex discrimination in legislation Muller v. Oregon
The most stringent protection of free speech does not protect from shouting 'fire' in a theatre. Schenck v. US
Georgia sued for goods not paid for from American Revolution Chisholm v. Georgia
Struck down Connecticut's law banning the use of contraception Griswold v. Connecticut
Planned Parenthood of Connecticut in violation of outlaw of contraception Griswold v. Connecticut
"the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State" Loving v. Virginia
Virginia couple married in Washington DC arrested when return to Virginia. (White man and woman who is African-American and Native American) Loving v. Virginia
two men charged with homosexual conduct against state law of Texas Lawrence v. Texas
14th Amendment protects a person's "liberty" to engage in consensual homosexual activity and struck down Texas state law banning it Lawrence v. Texas
Involved a man arrested for passing out literature urging readers to resist the draft (1919) Schenck v. US
Upheld an law setting maximum rates for grain storage in Illinois (regulating business) Munn v. Illinois
Laundry owner fined for violating limited working hours for female employees. Muller v. Oregon
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