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LOTF Chapter 1

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Questions

How did the boys arrive on the island? a plane crash
How did Ralph call the first meeting? (p.17) The boys soon find a white conch shell and Piggy suggests that Ralph use the conch as a horn to call for any other survivors who might be nearby.
What are the names of the twins? (p.19) Sam and Eric, they are often treated as a single entity and called Samneric.
What does Ralph's dad do? (p.13) Commander in the Navy
What nationality are the boys? (p.) English (British)
The island was roughly _____-shaped. (p.29) roughly boat-shaped
What is the scar? the trail smashed into the jungle by the crashing plane
For whom did Piggy vote as chief? (p.23) at first no one then Ralph
Who went to make sure the island was really an island? (p.23&24 a. b. c. a. Ralph b. Jack c. Simon
Created by: ldorso