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Actions and Effects

Governing Vessel

GV1 *** Luo Treats hemorrhoids; benefits 2 lower yin orifices; Activates the channel & alleviates pain (spinal issues); Calms the spirit
GV3 *** (BSP L4) 'Lumbar yang gate' Dispels C-D; Benefits the lumbar region & legs (main pt for pain here!); Regulates the lower jiao
GV4 **** (BSP L2) "Gate of life" Tonifies KD Yang & builds MingMen (#1 point); Regulates GV; Benefits lumbar spine; (clears heat)
GV8 ** (BSP T9) "Sinew Contraction' Soothes the LV, pacifies WIND & relieves spasm; Calms the spirit; Supports LV back shu
GV9 ** (BSP T7) 'Reaching Yang' Expands chest & diaphragm, alleviates cough (level w/diaphragm shu); Fortifies the SP & drains dampnes; Treats jaundice (mostly middle & upper jiao)
GV10 ** (BSPT6) Clears heat & detoxifies poison; Citculates LU-Qi & alleviates cough/wheezing; For blood heat & toxicity like furuncles
GV11 *** (BSP T5) 'Spirit pathway' Tonifies the HT & LU, calms the spirit & Zong Qi xu; Clears heat & pacifies wind
GV12 *** (BSP T3) Clears heat from LU&HT (heat in the chest, and internal wind); Calms the spirit; pacifies wind
GV13 *** (BSP T1) Clears heat & treats MALARIA (fevers & chills); Regulates channel & clears wind
GV14 **** (BSP C7) 'Hundred taxations' Clears heat, treats malaria; meeting pt of all 6 yang channels! Expels exterior wind, pacifies interior wind; Tonifies Qi/Yang Xu
GV15 *** 'Muteness door' Benefits the tongue & treats muteness, voice issues d/t stiff tongue; Eliminates W (int/ext); Benefits the neck & spine
GV16 *** 'Palace of Wind'
GV20 **** Sea of Marrow pt Regulates Yang, subdues yang & pacifies (internal) wind, raises yang & counters prolapse; Benefits the head, brain, sea of marrow, sense organs; calms spirit
GV23 *** 'Hall of brightness' Benefits the NOSE & eyes (mian pt for rhinitis, sinusitis, etc); Eliminates wind, benefits head/face, dispels swelling
GV24 *** 'Courtyard of spirit' Benefits the brain & calms spirit; benefits the head & eliminates wind (int/ext); benefits the nose & eyes
GV26 *** 'Man's middle' command point for rescusitation Restores (sudden loss of) CONSCIOUSNESS & calms spirit; Benefits the face & nose, expels wind (paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia) benefits spine & treats ACUTE MIDLINE LUMBAR SPRAIN
Created by: Nyssab