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handbook chapter 2


Product of choice for treating hemophilia A recombinant factor VIII
Recombinant Factor VIII is produced in these cell lines established hamster cell lines
What disease do these products treat?: 1. Humate-P and 2. Alphanate These products are intended for treatment of von Willebrand's disease
What procedures are used to inactivate viruses in Factor VIII products? nanofiltration, pasteurization and solvent/detergent treatment, and affinity chromatography preparation
What infectious agents may escape pathogen inactivation processes in Factor VIII products? non-lipid enveloped viruses like hepatitis A and parvovirus B19
Recombinant Factor IX is produced in these cell lines Chinese hamster ovary cell lines
Product of choice for treating hemophilia B Recombinant Factor IX
Indicated for the urgent reversal of warfarin 4-factor concentrate (2,7,9,10), Kcentra (vitamin K dependent factors)
This product treats ATIII deficiency Anti-thrombin III concentrate
Product of choice for treating or preventing bleeding episodes in patients with inhibitors to Factor VIII or IX Recombinant factor VII (NovoSeven)
Product of choice for treating or preventing bleeding episodes in patients with Glanzmann thrombasthenia Recombinant factor VII (NovoSeven)
These products can be used in Factor XIII deficiency when factor concentrate is not available. FFP and cryoprecipitate
How is albumin manufactured? Cold alcohol fractionation
Method to prevent viral disease transmission in albumin manufacturing process heated to 60 degrees C for 10 hours
% of albumin in a bag of albumin 96%
Composition of "plasma protein fraction" product: __% albumin; __% globulin 83% and 17%
The most common colloid used for volume expansion HES, hydoxyethyl starch
Immune globulins are prepared by cold ethanol fractionation from pools of human plasma from this many donors 15,000 to 60,000
A miscarriage after this Estimated gestational age would require a 300microgram dose of Rhogam 12 weeks EGA
Dose of Rhogam is miscarriage occurs before 12 weeks 50 microgram
A full dose of Rhogam protects against alloimmunization to the D antigen after exposure up to __ mL of D-positive RBCs 15mL
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