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The crisis-mapping tool ___________can collect information to make instantly and publicly available for use in emergencies. Ushahidi
Joining together as a group to use a specific product more efficiently is called collaborative consumption.
_______________is defined as working without continual direction and control. Autonomy
Using the Internet to get small donations from many people to start a business is called crowdfunding.
The process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern is called data mining.
Being ___________means being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations. computer literate
_____________is the gathering together of groups of people using online tools to connect and exchange ideas. Social networking
A popular VoIP is Skype.
Analyzing computer systems to gather potential legal evidence is computer forensics.
The technology called ___________stands for quick response. QR codes
Unwanted or junk email is called spam.
The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the digital divide.
The most common type of monitor is a liquid crystal display (LCD)
___________is a volatile storage location. RAM
The number of pixels displayed on the screen known as screen resolution.
All of the following are examples of permanent storage, EXCEPT RAM.
___________is the abbreviation for the place in the computer where the programs and data the computer is currently using are stored. RAM
Display screens that respond to command initiated with you finger or a stylus are called touch screens.
The term “bit” is short for binary digit.
A _____________enables your computer to connect to other computers or to the Internet. Network Interface Card (NIC)
Any part of the computer that you can touch is called hardware.
After a picture has been taken with a digital camera and processed appropriately, the actual print of the picture is considered output.
The four functions of the computer include input, process, output, and storage.
A keyboard and mouse are examples of input devices.
Large, expensive computers that support many users simultaneously are called mainframes.
A _____________is approximately 1 million bytes. megabyte
The area that holds all the instructions the computer needs to start up when it is powered on is ROM.
What type of computer is the Apple iPad? Tablet computer
A ___________is where a peripheral device can attach to a computer so that data can be exchanged between it and the operating system. port
______________ are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices such as your car or the electronic thermostat in our home. Embedded computers
New technologies pushing the boundaries of printing Do Not include inkless printing.
___________have tiny hammer-like keys that strike the paper through an inked ribbon. Impact printers
In binary language, each letter of the alphabet, each number, and each special character is made up of a unique combination of eight bits.
Computers use the binary language consisting of 0s and 1s.
Flash drives plug into a USB port.
The __________contains the central electronic components of the computer. motherboard
A ___________is a specially designed computer that can perform complex calculations extremely fast. supercomputer
A ___________ sits on your computer monitor or is built into a laptop and is used primarily for transmitting live video. webcam
Facebook and Youtube are considered to be ___________web sites. social networking
The name of the free Internet browser from Mozilla is Firefox.
All of the following are tips for professional e-mail etiquette, except use abbreviations such as “u”, “r” and “BRB” to keep the e-mail message shorter.
The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN.
A computer connected to the Internet that asks for data is a client.
Software that enables you to display and interact with text and other media on the Web is a Web browser.
The___________ is a large network of networks. internet
The unique identification number assigned to your computer when you connect to the Internet is known by all of the following, except a dotted period.
All of the following are a type of e-commerce business, except C2B.
The unique address for a particular Web site is the URL.
The appropriate software to use for creating research papers is word processing software.
Every software program has a set of system requirements that specify the minimum recommended standard for the operating system, processor, RAM, and hard drive capacity.
The general software you use to do takes at home, school, or work is known as application.
Multimedia software includes all of the following, except utility software.
The type of software that is best used to create a simple budget is spreadsheet software.
The intersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet program is known as a cell.
___________refers to a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. These instructions sets are called________. Software programs
A _________is a Microsoft Office feature that walks you through steps to complete a difficult task. wizard
In a spreadsheet, equations that use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operators, as well as values and cell references are called formulas.
__________application software is software that is stored completely on a Web server instead of your hard drive. Web-based
The cell address C5 indicates that the cell is at __________ of the worksheet. column C, row 5
________is the software that helps run the computer and coordinate instructions between the computer and the hardware devices. System software
The _________is the group of programs that controls how your computer functions. operating system
The top three operating systems for personal computers are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
Which of the following types of programs help manage system resources such as the hard drive? Utility Programs.
The basic input/output system is stored on a ROM.
_______first used a Command-driven interface. MS-DOS
Which of the following is the first step in the boot process? The BIOS is activated by turning on the computer.
The location of a file is specified by its file path.
For performing common tasks, Windows 8 has special shortcuts called charms.
More than 50% of smartphones use an operating system developed by Google.
Windows 8 uses a ___________account to easily access and store your files online. SkyDrive
All of the following are terms related to part of the boot process, EXCEPT USB.
If Microsoft Word 2010 is used to create a file, which file extension is added automatically? .docx
Which utility takes out redundancies in a file to reduce the file size? File Compression
Windows 8 is the operating system developed by Microsoft
The _____________of the operating system enabled the user to communicate with the computer system. user interface
Errors in computer software are called bugs.
Which of the following was the first widely used operating system installed in personal computer? MS-DOS
The most essential software in your computer system is the operating system.
Which of the following statements about a graphical user interface is FALSE? A GUI is a command-driven interface.
The most popular tablet operating system was developed by Apple.
A __________ is a small program that performs general housekeeping tasks for your computer. utility program
C:\Documents\Spring2012\CIS 101 is an example of a file path.
When referring to hard drives, access time is measure in milliseconds. (Kilobytes-RAM, hertz-CPU, bps-Internet access)
A____________ enables the computer to drive the speaker system. sound card
A ___________ is an expansion card installed inside your system unit. video card
Windows uses a memory-management technique known as___________ to monitor which applications you use the most and preloads them into system memory. SuperFetch
The CPU consists of which two parts? The Control Unit and the arithmetic logic unit
All of the following are part of the machine cycle, EXCEPT encode.
Which is the fasted typed of optical drive on the market? Blu-ray drives
All of the following are examples of optical drives, EXCLEPT solid-state disc.
Which of the following activities is carried out by the arithmetic logic unit (ALU)? Completions of all arithmetic calculations
All of following are procedures you can follow to ensure your system performs reliably, except run key utilities only when you can observe the process.
There are how many levels of cache memory? 3
Running the_____________ utility will make the hard drive work more efficiently. Disk Defragmenter
The rule of thumb that predicts that CPU capacity will double every two years is called Moore’s Law.
The amount of RAM recommended for most systems today is measured in GB.
A _________ uses electronic memory and has no motors or moving parts. solid state drive
The control unit is one component of the CPU.
A ___________ is an expansion card that’s installed inside the system unit to translate data into images. video card
Running the _____________ utility is a quick way to clear out unnecessary files. Disk Cleanup
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