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PC Overview (Chris -EWCNM)

Jing Well (wood) point PC-9
Ying Spring (fire) point PC-8
Shu Stream (earth) point PC-7
Jing River (metal) point PC-5
He Sea (water) point PC-3
Horary point (fire) PC-8
Tonify (mother)/ Sedate (son) PC9(wood)/PC7 (earth)
Yuan Source (primary) point PC-7
Xi Cleft PC-4
Front Mu R17
Back Shu UB14
Window of the Sky PC1
Emperical point for malaria PC-5
Confluent point of the Yin Wei and what is the point combination to open the chong? PC6/SP4
Best point for eliminating phlegm and it combination? P5/ST40
Six channel partner with pericardium Liver Foot Jueyin
Name of pericardium channel? Hand Jueyin
Entery and Exit points PC1 and PC8
What best PC point for clearing heat from all levels and stops vomiting (qi, blood, nutritive) to treat all types febrile disease, heat stroke with sudden turmoil disorder, vomiting, etc? PC-2
What point moderates acute conditions, dispels stasis and cools blood to treat acute stagnated blood in heart leading to acute MI. PC-4
What are the inner and outer gate points? PC6/SJ5
What point is the command point of the upper jaio and i best point to stop nausea? PC-6
What best PC point for all chest disorders including angina, palpation and is used in chest surgery as an analgesia? PC-6
What is the best PC point for carpal tunnel? PC-7
Were does Qi exit and enter the body? KID1/PC8
How many point and branches in PC channel and were do they branch? 9 points, 2 branches,1-emerges 3cun below axilla to middle finger2-emerges from PC8 to ring finger connect SJ1
Were does PC primary channel start and end? starts at center of chest, descends to meet with all three burners
When would you use PC points over HT points to treat emotional disorders? very sensitive paitents and children
What does PC channel treat? Disorders of heart/spirit and disorders of upper and middle jaio from LIV Qi stagnation (LIV 6 channel partner)
Created by: cawalte3