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CDC 1C052 VOL. 5

Unit Review Questions/Answers

What type of pay was established under the Aviation Career Incentive Act (ACIA) of 1974? Aviation career incentive pay (ACIP)
To receive aviation career incentive pay (ACIP), a rated officer must be entitled to basic pay, hold an aeronautical rating, and be qualified for aviation service
In a given month, the amount of flying time required for conditional pay depends on the member's placement or removal from active flying status
Which type of incentive pay is given to flight surgeons that are in an active flying status? Conditional ACIP
Which of the following pay was established under the Fiscal Year (FY) 2000 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)? Career enlisted flier incentive pay (CEFIP)
Conditional career enlisted flier incentive pay (CEFIP) is the incentive pay given to a Career enlisted aviator (CEA) who fails to meet gate requirements
What type of incentive pay is given to non-career aviators, operational support members and parachutists? Hazardous duty incentive pay (HDIP)
Career aviators may also be entitled to hazardous duty incentive pay 9HDIP) when performing hazardous duties other than aerial flights
Which publications contains the flying hour requirements for conditional pay? Department of Defense Financial Regulation (DODFMR) 700, 14, Volume 7A, Military Pay Policy and Procedures-Active Duty and Reserve Pay
How many flight hours are required for a member that was on flying status for 15 days in a month? 2.0
Which flight time is computed by subtracting the current month's requirement from the total hours flown for the month? Excess time
Banked time is a combination of excess and insufficient time
Excess flight time in a month of February may be banked up to and including the month of July
Insufficient flight time may be applied up to five months forward
Regardless of the effective date of the aeronautical order, you must start a grace period the first month the member has a flight requirement but does not meet the requirement
If the member fails a grace period, start a new grace period once the member meets flight requirements for one month
For which month(s) will a member receive incentive pay if the member did not fly for the first two months but flew less than 10.0 hours on the third month of the grace period? The third month only
When determining whether a member has met flight requirements, flying hours flown are first applied to the current month; up to two months backward if in a grace period; then up to five months forward
What is the pay stop for a career enlisted aviator (CEA) who was placed on active flying on 1 January 2009 and was placed in a duty not involving flying 9DNIF) status on 13 April 2009? 13 April 2010
A career aviator receiving continuous aviation career incentive pay was suspended on 25 April. The member's incentive pay was terminated on 24 April. On 30 June, the suspension was removed without disqualification. What is the effective date for restar 13 April 2010
When does the three month grace period begin for a member in conditional pay status, who was injured in a duty-related accident on 12 November if the member was met for flight requirement for that month? 1 December
An Air Reserve Component (ARC) member is considered to be an active duty pay status when performing which of the following duties? Full-time National Guard
What reserve status code (RSC) must an Air Reserve Component (ARC) member use in Block 38 of the Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) Form 781, Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) Aircrew/Mission Flight Data Document when logging active duty time? 1
What is the minimum monthly flight requirement for Air Reserve Component (ARC) members? 2.0 hours
When an Air Reserve Component (ARC) member performs active duty during the month, the member incurs a)an) automatic active duty flight requirement for the month
When an Air Reserve Component (ARC) member performs both active and inactive duty in the same month, the flight time flown may be combined to satisfy the both active and inactive duty requirements
Inactive duty (IAD) flight time accrued by an Air Reserve Component (ARC) member may be used to satisfy both active duty (AD) and IAD flight requirements for the current month. If there is not enough time to satisfy both requirements, then the AD requirement must be satisfied first
Entitlement to hazardous duty incentive pay (HDIP) is determined by the number and type of jumps performed
A parachutist was placed on an aeronautical order to perform high altitude low opening (HALO) jump duties effective 1 April. The member performed a static line jump and a HALO jump in May. What type of pay will the member receive for May? Type 2 ONLY
Jumps in excess of the minimum monthly requirement cannot be used for hazardous duty incentive pay (HDIP) unless the member is in Rule 3
A parachutist was placed on jump status, Rule 1, effective 1 August and performed a jump on 22 September. For what month(s) would the member receive incentive pay? August, September, and October
How many jumps, in what time period, qualifies a parachutist for hazardous duty incentive pay for 12 consecutive months if a member is unable to perform due to military operations, no jump equipment or no aircraft? Four jumps in a 9-month period following a 3-month period of no jumps
What rule applies to a parachutist who is unable to perform a jump because of the command's military operations of the or the absence of jump equipment or an aircraft? Rule 3
What rule applies when a commander waives a parachutist's jump requirements because the member is engaged in combat operations in a hostile fire area? Rule 4
Which form is used to track a member's entitlement to static line and high altitude low opening (HALO) jump incentive pay? AF IMT 1521, ARMS Individual Jump Pay Entitlement Worksheet
What code is used to indicate the jump performed is applied to the current month? Circumflex accents (^^)
Which of the following situations would automatically stop a member's flight incentive pay? An operational support member departs for a permanent change of station (PSC)
If the military pay order (MPO) action is to stop a member's pay, the pay termination date will always be one day prior to the effective date of the AO
After completing the audit, within what time frame must the host aviation resource management (HARM) office correct errors found on the entitlement verification report? 10 workdays
How many certified copies of the entitlement verification report must be the host aviation resource management (HARM) office maintain? The last four reports
A set of related information with a common purpose is known as a(an) business area
A filter created on an item that restricts which values to return is a(an) condition
Which type of display would be used to show the data in a matrix of rows and columns to show how one item relates to another? Crosstab
Which feature is used to change the size and color of the font on a worksheet? Exception
Which default option allows you to determine the number of query documents that are listed in your "Most Recently Used List?" General tab
Which print option lets you print a worksheet in either portrait or landscape? Orientation
Why is it necessary to validate a query when using calculations? The data elements requested might merge in the resulting query
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