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CDC 1C052 VOL. 3

Unit Review Questions/Answers

Which of the following Air Force specialty codes (AFSC) is considered jump inherent? 1C2XX
Individuals assigned Air Force Specialty Code 1W0X2, Special Operations Weather, have a core competency to perform? parachute duties
Under certain circumstances, parachutists may be double billeted for up to how many days? 90
Individuals occupying a jump inherent or a "J" coded unit manpower document (UMD)/joint manning document (JMD) billet are in what jump status? Active
The approving authority authorizing temporary jump status is MAJCOM/A3
What is the maximum number of days, within a 24-month period, can an individual be places in temporary jump status? 365
Which parachute system uses a line or strap attached from the parachute to an anchor cable inside the aircraft? Static line
Within how many days must the member a static line jump in order to maintain currency? 180
Within how many days must a free fall parachutist perform a free fall jump before being considered non-current? 180
A member's qualification for jumpmaster duties is certified by the unit commander
Basic and advanced parachutist badges are awarded to members who complete an AF recognized parachute training course and satisfy requirements in AFI 11-402, Aviation and Parachutist Aeronautical Ratings and Badges
Once a parachutist badge is awarded, it is permanent unless the badge is revoked
Members who meet the requirements for the award of a parachutist badge must apply by completing an AF IMT 196, Data for Parachutist Rating
You must validate the number and type of jumps annotated on the AF IMT 196, Data for Parachutist Rating, against the member's Individual Jump Record
What does a Bronze Star device on a parachutist's badge indicate? A combat jump
Who may recommend a member be prohibited from wearing the parachutist badge if the member is disqualified as a result of substantiated drug abuse? Commanders at any review level
What must the remark state in the AO when prohibiting the wear of the parachutist badge? That the member is prohibited from wearing it
Which aviation service code (ASC) identifies a qualified non-career aviator assigned to a dual-coded (flying/jumping position) authorized to perform aircrew parachutist duties? 9D
When a parachutist is no longer assigned to an authorized jump position, the member's aviation service code (ASC) will change from 9E to 06
Individuals assigned to dual-coded flying/jumping positions may receive flight and jump incentive pay
Most dual-coded flying/jumping parachutists are assigned to non-career aviator positions identified by a duty Air Force specialty code (DAFSC) prefix of X, K, or Q
A member's eligibility for parachutist service must be certified by the commander
Certifying a member's eligibility for parachutist service includes the member's past parachutist service qualification
The effective date used to assign Aviation Service Code 06, Jump Requirement Terminated, when a member fails to complete the US Army Basic Airborne Course is the day after disenrollment
When placing a member in a dual-coded flying/jumping position, change the member's aviation service code (ASC) from 9E, Active Parachutist to 9D, Active Non-rated/N0n-Career Enlisted Aviator Aircrew Member, effective the date the member enters a formal school where flight duties are part of the curriculum
You must publish an aeronautical order authorizing a member to perform a high altitude low opening (HALO) jump prior to attending the military free fall course
What action must you take in the Aviation Resource Management System once a member becomes high altitude low opening (HALO) certified? Click "Yes" in the HALO Certification field in the Aircrew Management window
Aeronautical orders for enlisted parachutist will have a termination date based on the earliest of the following dates except the change to active status date
The aeronautical order terminates for a member who is initially placed on jump status, but is not assigned to an authorized jump position after graduating from the US Army Basic Airborne Course on the S Army Basic Airborne Course graduation date
Which of the following statements must be included in the Remarks section of the aeronautical order for a member assigned to a dual-coded flying/jumping position? When required for the mission, aircrew duties may be performed on any USAF aircraft
The Remarks section of an aeronautical order for a USAF Academy (USAFA) cadet, who participates in a USAFA parachute program reads: The member is entitled to Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay
Which of the following is not a cause for permanent disqualification? Disenrollment from the military free fall course
How many days can a parachutist be suspended without major command (MAJCOM) approval? 180
Commanders will provide at least 120 calendar days notification before involuntarily terminating member's aviation service who are dual-coded flying/jumping
The 120-day advance notificaiton policy applies to flight pay only
Who is responsible for completing and certifying all AF Forms 4323, ARMS Multi-Crew Jump Records and AF IMTs 922, Individual Jump Records? Jumpmaster
What form is used as the primary source document for recording jump activity performed by multiple USAF members on a single day? AF Form 4323, ARMS Multi-Crew Jump Record
Who ensures the following items are correct on the AF IMT 922, Individual Jump Record: date, aircraft mission design series, drop zone, jump type and condition, parachute type, jump altitude and the remarks? Jumpmaster
It is important for you to update jump accomplishments in the Aviation Resource Management System, in a timely manner to avoid interrupting the member's parachute duty pay
Using figure 2-5, what does a "T" in the Jump Type option, indicate when updating jump accomplishments? Tactical or Operational
Which standard jump report provides an audit trail of individual jump activity? Jump Activity Update Summary
To get a summary of career jump totals, the standard jump report you would refer to is the Jump History Report
What standard folder serves as a repository for all approved documents pertaining to a member's jump career? Jump record folder
What Part 1 section, of the jump record folder, would you file Rule 3 request letters? Military pay orders
When must the Host Aviation Resource Management office conduct a cover to cover audit of the jump record folder? Upon PCS
When conducting a jump record folder audit, ensure all formal training certificates have been entered into ARMS using the Formal training window
What does a periodic review of the jump record folder ensure? Accuracy
Jump record folder reviews are conducted face-to-face with the member
When out-processing a parachutist, what must you include in the jump record record package? AF IMT 1521, ARMS Individual Jump Pay Entitlement Worksheet
When improcessing a parachutist in the Aviation Resource Management System, the alpha character "H" in the Pay Reason field of the Incentive Pay window means hazardous duty incentive pay
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